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Can I Smoke Before Getting A Tattoo?

Lemetria Whitehurst

by Lemetria Whitehurst

May 7, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Fact checked by Emily Mullins
Can I Smoke Before Getting A Tattoo?

During the past few decades, tattoos have soared in popularity, becoming a chosen form of expression for many. Also, alongside this trend, we’ve seen a shift in how people view and use cannabis, with an October 2023 Gallup Poll survey showing a record 70% of Americans in favor of legalization. 

This change has led to an interesting question: is it a good idea to smoke cannabis before getting inked? Tattoos are not just about picking a design. They involve preparation, enduring pain, and caring for the tattoo afterward. In this article, we’ll tackle this question and provide valuable insights to help you decide.

What are the Effects of Cannabis on the Tattoo Experience?

With cannabis known to target inflammation and anxiety, many wonder how it might affect their tattoo experience. Well, it turns out that the herb may influence your tattoo session in various ways. One of the most talked-about aspects is how it might change your sensitivity to pain. Some people find that cannabis helps dull the discomfort of getting tattooed, making the process more bearable. On the flip side, it’s also known for its potential to ease anxiety and stress, which could be a plus if the thought of needles makes you nervous. 

However, it’s not all positive. 

Cannabis can thin your blood, which might lead to more bleeding than usual when getting tattooed. This can not only make the job harder for your tattoo artist but also affect how well your tattoo heals. 

In addition, it can also backfire in terms of reducing stress. For some people, cannabis actually causes more anxiety or even paranoia. Plus, depending on the dose taken, it could affect your judgment. You might make a hasty decision about the design or placement of your tattoo, leading to regrets later on.

So, while it might seem like a good idea to use cannabis to calm your nerves or lessen the pain, it’s important to weigh these effects carefully.

Can Topical Cannabis Be Used on a Tattoo?

Topical cannabis, which are creams, balms, or lotions infused with cannabis, is known for its potential to relieve localized pain and inflammation without producing a psychoactive effect. When it comes to using these topicals on a tattoo, there are several factors to consider. These include:

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Healing Phase

It’s important to differentiate between applying topicals on fresh tattoos versus fully healed tattoos. Fresh tattoos are open wounds, and introducing any substance not recommended by your tattoo artist can risk infection or interfere with the healing process.

Tattoo Aftercare

After getting a tattoo, following the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist is crucial. These instructions typically include keeping the tattoo clean, applying specific lotions or ointments, and avoiding certain substances until the tattoo is fully healed.

Potential Benefits

Once a tattoo is fully healed, cannabis topicals could potentially be beneficial. The anti-inflammatory properties of certain cannabinoids might soothe the skin and reduce inflammation around the tattoo area, potentially aiding in the long-term care of the skin.

Consultation is Key

Before applying any new product to your tattoo, especially during the healing phase, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional and your tattoo artist. They can provide personalized advice based on your skin type, the details of your tattoo, and its healing progress.

In other words, while cannabis topicals may offer benefits for skin care, their use on new tattoos should be approached with caution. For fully healed tattoos, they might provide soothing effects. Still, it’s always best to consult with professionals before trying new products on your skin, especially when it comes to recently tattooed areas.

Smoking Before Getting A Tattoo: A Few Tips

Although it may seem harmless enough, consuming cannabis before getting tattooed isn’t something to take lightly. It’s important to weigh the potential risks versus benefits carefully, especially as it relates to the blood-thinning effects of cannabis. Therefore, it’s essential to do your homework—research thoroughly and talk to both medical and tattoo professionals to get their insights. 

By having an open and honest chat with your tattoo artist about their experiences with clients who’ve got inked after smoking cannabis, they can provide first-hand knowledge of how it might affect the session. Remember, your health and satisfaction with your tattoo are what matter most, so taking the time to make a well-informed decision is crucial.

Note: The content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be professional medical advice. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe treatment based on the information provided. Always consult a physician before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.

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