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Cannabis Exploration at Its Best: OASIS Dispensary’s Enchanting Event

Katie Campbell

by Katie Campbell

August 25, 2023 01:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes

The Veriheal team got a chance to see what the future of group smoke sessions may look like when Denver’s OASIS dispensary invited us out to their Master’s event.

Group smoke sessions are as ingrained in cannabis culture as 420, Cheech and Chong movies, and the munchies. These smoke sessions typically take place in not-so-glamourous locations like your friend’s living room, backyard, or —if you’re lucky — their garage. Thankfully, with legalization sweeping the nation, we may not have to endure these meek settings much longer.

The Oasis Masters Event was hosted at Ant Life, a psychedelic art gallery including pieces made by actual ants. The event was themed after the Professional Golfers Associations’ Masters tournament — without any of the golfing. Instead, each of the 18 “holes” featured a different vendor offering products that visitors could try on the spot. At the beginning of the event, each visitor received a card that would be starred for each hole visited. This card was one of my favorite parts of the event because it encouraged people (including myself) to try out products they wouldn’t usually give a second look.

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We started out with some go pills, which are cannabis caffeine pills from the company 1906. Then we got to try the Volcano vaporizer with a few different strains. However, my favorite was getting to try all the different concentrates they had available. Visitors who visited every hole were entered into a raffle for a chance to win some prizes.

Of course — if you put a bunch of stoners in a room you’re bound to end up with the munchies. Thankfully, Oasis dispensary’s event featured a BBQ spread from a Golden, Colorado restaurant called Front Range Inn. Best of all, the dessert was cake pops meant to look like golf balls. 

The event was such a blast and made me so excited for the future of cannabis events. It was great to see so many cannabis enthusiasts under one roof enjoying and talking about the plant we all enjoy so much. I would strongly recommend making it out to one of these events if you ever get the chance!

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