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Cannabis for Good: Five Groups that Give

Milan Khali

by Milan Khali

May 23, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Fact checked by Emily Mullins
Cannabis for Good: Five Groups that Give

From pain relief to relaxation and even hair growth, it’s no secret that cannabis can do a lot for us mentally and physically. But do you know about all of the cannabis businesses and organizations committed to philanthropy for their communities at large?

While cannabis companies often have special hoops to jump through to help out certain causes, it hasn’t stopped a number of them from finding ways to give back to children, animals, and other groups in need.

Hurdles in Cannabis Donations 

While you might think that any cause would be grateful to receive help and donations, many of those in the world of cannabis have had a tricky time navigating philanthropy due to restrictions and hesitations around accepting donations from cannabis businesses. 

Halena Sepulveda explains, “Many charities like the American Red Cross cannot accept donations from businesses in the cannabis industry because it is illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.” Indeed, even in places where cannabis is legalized, there are sometimes both official regulations as well as general stigmas about accepting money from these businesses.

While this has hindered the philanthropy of some cannabis businesses and organizations, others have maintained their efforts to give. Here are five cannabis businesses that have found ways to give back despite regulations. 

Five Cannabis Companies to Celebrate

Global Cannabis Exchange 

Can’t donate to charity? Create your own! That’s the strategy that Christopher Wilson and his company, Global Cannabis Exchange, took. Under the Global Cannabis Exchange, Wilson formed Real Boss Kids, a charity helping children to achieve their dreams. 

The charity’s first recipient was eight-year-old Krisdiana Dillard, to whom Real Boss Kids awarded $300 towards her trip to a national championship for karate. 

Outside of charity, Global Cannabis Exchange facilitates cannabis trading and delivery, providing live market data and transaction services for cannabis sellers. 


Sweetleaf Health Equity is another incredible organization that takes an even more direct approach to helping people with cannabis. Their website explains, “Sweetleaf Health Equity helps low-income patients and veterans experiencing cancer, HIV, terminal illness, and PTSD gain access to high-quality, tested cannabis products.” 

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In other words, Sweetleaf helps grant medical marijuana access to those who need it but may face barriers in acquiring it otherwise. Founded in 1996, Sweetleaf began by helping a small group of AIDS patients get medical marijuana. Now, the organization supports over 3,000 patients with different medical needs.

If you want to support Sweetleaf’s mission, you can donate directly or purchase their lighters or paper, and the proceeds will help patients and veterans! 


Mello is a unique company, taking a sex-education approach to their product and their philanthropy. They explain, “At Mello Daily, we believe cannabinoids are natural, healthy, and useful for sex.” 

Each time you purchase one of their sexual health-focused CBD products, one dollar is donated to Planned Parenthood! Planned Parenthood provides access to vital reproductive health care, including STD testing, sex education, abortion, and cancer screenings. 

Kin Slips 

Looking for another unique cannabis product that you can purchase to give yourself and the community a gift? Look no further than Kin Slips, sublingual cannabis-infused strips. 

Kin Slips explains that typical edibles “are often distorted by stomach acids and then broken down by the liver,” but their product creates more immediate effects similar to smoking. They also have different varieties, including “Sleep & Serenity” and “Creativity & Focus.” 

The company has joined with several philanthropic organizations. They donate their product to Sweetleaf, and they support The Last Prisoner Project, which helps those who have suffered criminal convictions surrounding marijuana. Additionally, they are a member of the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses. 


Last on our list is Tonic, a company that puts community service and philanthropy at its core all while selling a variety of cannabis products. Shop pre-rolls, CBD chocolate, tonics, vape pens, and even dog treats.  

No matter what you buy at Tonic, you’ll be contributing to a great cause! Through Tonic’s Purpose Program, they donate 1.5% of every sale to a different nonprofit every month. Past partners include The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Cannabis for Conservation, and the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. 

More to Give

These are only a few of the businesses and groups in the cannabis world that have committed to communities in need. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, particularly in light of the current rescheduling news, there’s no doubt in our minds that more companies will find ways to give back to the community. We look forward to seeing the philanthropic potential of the industry unleashed more as time goes by and stigma decreases. 

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