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Cannabis Yoga: The New Fitness Trend Sweeping Across the Nation

Lemetria Whitehurst

by Lemetria Whitehurst

February 10, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
Cannabis Yoga: The New Fitness Trend Sweeping Across the Nation

In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and fitness, a unique trend is making waves across the United States: cannabis yoga. This innovative practice blends the ancient art of yoga with the contemporary use of cannabis.

In cities like Denver, New York, and Los Angeles, where the culture around cannabis is already established, this trend is not just growing—it’s thriving. 

This article takes a closer look at the concept of cannabis yoga, exploring its origins, benefits, and reasons why it has become increasingly popular.

A Brief History of Cannabis Yoga

With its roots in India, the ancient practices of yoga and cannabis have a rich historical and cultural background. The modern union of cannabis and yoga combines the mindfulness and serenity of yoga with the sensory-enhancing effects of cannabis. 

This fusion has sparked a wellness phenomenon that goes beyond fleeting trends. It bridges the gap between traditional practices and contemporary lifestyles, resonating with an ever-growing community of enthusiasts.

Cannabis Yoga Takes Off in Denver

In 2020, unlike many places in the country, Denver’s fitness industry thrived during the pandemic. While traditional gyms struggled with closures, innovative fitness forms like cannabis yoga found new avenues to thrive. The city’s already vibrant wellness industry adapted to the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, as yoga and meditation became popular choices.

Amidst this shift, cannabis sales in Colorado soared, recording a staggering $2.2 billion, showing a growing interest in health regimens that incorporate cannabis. This surge paved the way for pioneers like Ali Duncan and Amanda Hitz to reshape Denver’s cannabis yoga scene.

Hitz, the owner of Bend & Blaze, turned to online courses during the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding her reach beyond Denver. As a result, the franchise recently expanded to include New York locations

She explains:

“Zoom is really great for online yoga just because it allows us to still have that time before we flow to kind of hang out and smoke and everyone’s in their own homes so I was able to open it up to the community beyond Denver, which is really awesome.”

Bend & Blaze also provides a unique setting where participants can integrate cannabis into their yoga practice. Hitz emphasizes their approach, stating:

“We never really cue the cannabis into the yoga, it’s just a space that we create where you’re welcome to consume and that’s kind of what brings us together. And then we just flow.”

Get Stoned + Toned in Los Angeles

Shifting the focus to Los Angeles, the fitness trend of cannabis yoga takes on a dynamic twist with Stoned + Toned, an online platform that blends cannabis with various workout styles.

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Living up to their motto, “Where cannabis meets cardio,” Stoned + Toned offers 30-minute online ‘smoke + sweat’ sessions. They aim to serve those seeking a more diverse and energetic approach to combining fitness with cannabis use.

Unlike traditional cannabis yoga studios that primarily focus on yoga, Stoned + Toned stands out by providing workouts that go beyond yoga, such as cardio and strength training. As a result, cannabis-infused fitness has been able to reach a wider audience. 

Plus, to make their platform more accessible, Stoned + Toned offers a 7-day free trial, allowing new users to try it risk-free. After the trial, the subscription is an affordable $9.99 per month, giving unlimited access to workout sessions. 

Why Combine Weed and Yoga


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The combination of cannabis and yoga, while increasingly popular, is not without controversy. On one hand, advocates argue that cannabis has properties that ease stress and anxiety, citing many benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Increased bodily awareness
  • Improved body-mind connection

Critics argue that cannabis use might interfere with the traditional goals of yoga, such as achieving clarity and focus. Many also combine weed and meditation, a practice that goes hand-in-hand with yoga. Some see cannabis yoga as a positive concept, while others express concerns about dependency and possible altered states of consciousness during sessions.

Reflecting on the Future

Despite ongoing debates, it’s clear that this trend isn’t slowing down. Experts predict that as societal attitudes towards cannabis continue to evolve, an increasing number of people will be inspired to explore the world of herbal-enhanced yoga. 

From the studios in Denver and New York to the dynamic online platforms in Los Angeles, the rising popularity of this practice is not just a fleeting fad. Instead, it speaks to the ever-changing landscape of holistic health and the increasing acceptance of cannabis as a medicinal remedy.

Note: The content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe treatment based on the information provided. Always consult a physician before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.

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