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Cannabis Subscription Box 101: Types, Cost, and What to Expect

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

September 20, 2022 08:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Cannabis Subscription Box 101: Types, Cost, and What to Expect

Have you wondered what the best cannabis subscription boxes are on the market today? If so,  you’re not alone. Many consumers wonder which monthly box is actually worth the money, and what you can look forward to in the mail each month.

There are many different types of boxes out there. Most of them only offer cannabis accessories and swag. Some of them may even offer cannabis delivery services.

You might be thinking that sounds too good to be true, and in most cases, you would be right. Sadly, many places do not allow for cannabis delivery. If you want cannabis delivery services, you’ll need to establish residency in a legal state.

Are Cannabis Subscription Boxes Legal?

Yes. Cannabis subscription boxes are legal as long as they don’t carry actual cannabis or cannabis products in them — except for in states where this is allowed. So, don’t expect to get a box full of cannabis flower, concentrates, cannabis-infused edibles, or other types of cannabis products in your average monthly subscription box.

The swag found in most subscription boxes is completely legal everywhere. For the most part, it is just marketing materials for cannabis brands. There’s no law against having a t-shirt or mouse pad with pot leaves on them. This leaves space for entrepreneurs to connect cannabis consumers with the gear they never knew they needed.

What Should I Expect from a Cannabis Subscription Box?

Depending on what kind of subscription box you choose you can expect different things. There are quality subscription boxes out there, and then there are some that you’d do best to skip. What you get in your box will depend on the subscription service you choose.

The Basic Box

Many subscription services that offer monthly boxes of cool cannabis gear delivered to your door have different levels or tiers of boxes you can purchase. Generally, there are at least two, a basic box and one packed full of cool stuff. In the basic box, you can expect to get cannabis swag like stickers, buttons, and patches.

They are also typically loaded with cannabis accessories that you will use each month. Accessories like rolling papers, screens, hemp wick, and other cannabis-themed goodies. Usually, all of these boxes throw some sort of tasty treat to enjoy in them while you’re exploring all your goodies. They range from small packages of animal cookies to gummy fruit treats, candy, and other non-THC munchies.

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Veriheal has satisfied millions of patients nationwide by giving them access to these benefits

  • Larger purchase limits
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced legal protection
  • Access to higher potency strains
  • Save up to 25% on cannabis purchases
  • Skip the line at the dispensary

Top Tier Subscription Boxes

The second tier or the more expensive subscription box will offer pretty much the same type of gear, but higher quality and more of it. Most of these boxes throw in surprises like dab mats, grinders, dab tools, cannabis pipes, bubblers, and other unique smoking and vaping accessories. Instead of getting a marketing freebie version of these products in the more economical box, you could end up with a new product making its way to the market looking to build a reputation.

The above-mentioned cannabis subscription boxes are types legal in all 50 states. Cannabis subscription boxes that actually deliver cannabis flower or other cannabis products to your door are only legal in a state that has passed recreational cannabis. Even then you’ll need to check the rules in your specific town or municipality to make sure cannabis delivery services are allowed.

How Much Should I Pay for a Cannabis Subscription Box?

The price you should pay for a subscription depends on what your expectations are. If you’re just looking for a cool box of cannabis swag and aren’t really concerned with what it is, then you can go with a basic-level box.

If you want a cannabis subscription box that has cool gear and also something extra sweet every once in a while, then you’ll want to opt for a medium-price subscription box service. If you have high expectations for your monthly cannabis subscription box, then spend the money and get a top tier box.

A basic box costs on average around 15 to $20, and the price goes up from there. High-end monthly cannabis subscription boxes can run as much as $300. What you pay for a cannabis subscription box greatly depends on just what you want out of the service.

Many consumers sign up for monthly subscription boxes so they can get smoking accessories like rolling papers and screens. Some people might purchase a subscription box because they’d like to keep their cannabis consumption private, and don’t want the person at the local corner store knowing they are buying a pack of papers.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right subscription bod is the quantity of items you want each month. Lower-priced cannabis subscription boxes come with fewer surprises inside.

If you’re considering trying out a monthly cannabis subscription box service, then a great way to help you choose a subscription is to read customer reviews. It is very common to find unboxing videos that show what previous months’ subscription boxes looked like. Chances are this will help you decide which cannabis subscription box is right for you.

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Michael YB says:

September 23, 2022 at 5:39 pm

Nice write up. I find your posts very informative, educational and a pleasure to read. Your expertise is conveyed thru your posts and I find it easy and calming to trust and learn from the articles you supply.
Thank you


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