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CBD-Infused Clothing Has Officially Hit The Racks

October 17, 2019 02:03 pm ET
CBD-Infused Clothing Has Officially Hit The Racks

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is fast becoming one of the more popular cannabis products. Its uses include everything from treating anxiety and depression to sleep disturbances, chronic pain, nausea, and much more. CBD comes in edibles, smokables, oils, and creams. But new products are always looming on the horizon that promise innovation. 

Of the odder developments in cannabis-related products, CBD-infused clothing may take the cake. Yes, that’s right. Companies are beginning to promote the supposed benefits of CBD-infused clothing. While that may sound strange there have been worse ideas proposed, and the concept is novel at best.

Acabada Activewear is one of the leading brands associated with CBD clothing. Their line of activewear for women boasts an ability to reduce inflammation and reduce soreness from workouts. The company claims that the clothing works by releasing droplets of CBD as you exercise. Movement causes the CBD to release onto your body thus reducing the usual pains from physical activity. The lack of science behind this appears to promise more than it may actually offer, though.

CBD Research is Still in its Infant Stages

Research into the healing potential of CBD is growing, but when it comes to clothing, the research is lacking. CBD may reduce inflammation, but the small amounts used in clothing may do no more than provide a reason for increasing prices or providing a placebo. Further, not all CBD is equal. Some products are tested and guaranteed to be pure; others do not have these assurances. One may have a hard time judging if the CBD in Acabada’s clothing is pure, and it may be even more difficult to determine how much CBD is released upon use. This can lead to either too much or too little CBD being absorbed by the body. That in itself should be cause for concern. Thus, it is safe to assume that until there is science backing up some of the clothing claims people will not notice a real difference when said clothing is worn.

If you’re concerned about working out causing too much inflammation perhaps look to other natural solutions rather than shelling out for CBD-infused clothing that may do nothing but empty your wallet. Stretching, yoga, CBD oils and ointments, and starting small may do more for your body than relying on overhyped clothing.

CBD is a New and Exciting Endeavor

All that being said, the fact that companies like Acabada are pushing the limits of what CBD can potentially do is exciting. CBD is a special substance that can be used in many everyday situations. The more that it becomes a norm in daily life the more that progress will be allowed. Companies that look to the future are the ones that will pave the road for those that follow so that more and more innovation can be made in the marijuana industry. And that industry is large and ever-growing. A future with cannabis as an acceptable tool, hobby, and indulgence is approaching.

One day people of the United States will wake up and not think twice about that small vape pull or CBD mint pop or whatever other minute cannabis activity one may engage in. Perhaps, too, people will put on their CBD socks and feel like they are walking on air. Who’s to say? But until the research is done, it is safe to scratch CBD clothing off the list for now.

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