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Check Out These 5 Winning Black-Owned Cannabis Brands


by Lo

February 27, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Check Out These 5 Winning Black-Owned Cannabis Brands

Honoring Black history and culture should never be confined to the shortest month of the year but, instead, recognized throughout all time. With the cannabis industry slated to earn billions as more states legalize, we would be remiss in overlooking the fact that the cannabis narrative is interlaced with Black legacy.

Historically, it’s been a tempestuous relationship riddled with adversity due to the racist origins of prohibition and criminalization. But now that the landscape is changing, it’s necessary to support up-and-coming Black-owned ventures to help provide equity in an industry that has long imperiled our underserved communities. Without further ado, check out these five very notable Black-owned cannabis brands.

Biko Flower

Biko is a family-owned and -operated business that honors the marrying of different communities and cultures with cannabis. CEO Timeka Drew is an MMJ patient herself and has overcome debilitating health conditions thanks to the healing powers of cannabis. She is committed to carving space in a burgeoning industry that not only lends a helping hand in the wellness space but also empowers diversity. Biko offers products such as premium flower and pre-rolls that can be found in several value-aligned retailers throughout California.


Frigg is the achievement of Kimberly Dillon and is named after the Norse goddess of intuition and wisdom in the honor of returning to one’s roots. After experiencing a period of burnout and a fluke accident on vacation where her luggage was lost save for one bottle of CBD that ultimately restored her health, she followed her intuition and began Frigg. Her mission with Frigg is to tackle the conversation on stress and mental health, and how to mitigate the negative effects both internally and externally with holistic plant medicine. Frigg offers hemp-based products such as CBD gummies and enriching oils for the hair and face.

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Half Day CBD

Half Day CBD’s founders are brother-in-laws Kam Norwood and Dave DiCosola, who firmly laud the powers of hemp. All products are made with natural ingredients that are third-party tested to ensure that the benefits are maximized to their fullest potential. Even better, they are heavily involved in the manufacturing process all the way from seed to sale, which guarantees quality and cost-saving. At Half Day CBD, you can find a variety of products such as edibles, topicals, flower, and oil to accommodate your every need!

SHOKi Beverage

SHOKi Co-founder Tiffany Yarde shares that a respite trip to Ghana is what got her inspired to create a cannabis-infused beverage that celebrates a mixology of old family recipes as well as flavors from the Carribean and West Africa. You won’t find any preservatives or artificial sweeteners in these flavorful beverages, and you won’t have to wait a long time to feel those euphoric effects!

While infused edibles and beverages often take up to an hour to kick in, SHOKi is fast-acting thanks to nano-technology, which means consumers can avoid the negative experience of over-consuming altogether. In addition, SHOKi promotes “diversity of ethnicity, gender, thought, and world view” to strengthen and promote a fair share of hope for those who aim to lead.

Canna Luxe Co.

Canna Luxe Co. is a minority female-owned enterprise that strives to help pave the way for others in the minority space to break into the industry. Their mission is to help break the stigma and promote “simple-equality, love and responsibility” for everyone who enjoys consuming cannabis. Canna Luxe offers hand-picked decorative smoking accessories such as pipes, grinders, and ashtrays for every style of consumer, whether their vibes exude bold sexiness or soft femininity.

Please remember that recognizing Black history doesn’t begin and end with February. Supporting Black-owned businesses provides a necessary advantage and strength to make it in an industry that’s ultimately going to be dominated by the governing powers that aimed to strip them of that leverage to begin with. While the industry has come a long way in the last few decades, there is still more that needs to be done. Be sure to also support social equity legislation so that we may all benefit from a fair and diverse cannabis industry!

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