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Chem Dawg Strain Review: A Potent Sativa-Leaning Hybrid

Mia Jane

by Mia Jane

September 26, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
Chem Dawg Strain Review: A Potent Sativa-Leaning Hybrid

Chem Dawg is a sativa-leaning hybrid flower and has 35.70% total cannabinoids. The structure of the flower is slightly spongey but pushes back with defined calyxes and amber hairs protruding throughout. The buds have a light green color and break apart easily. 

A chemmy aroma escapes as the flowers are broken up, reminding me of petrol and leather with a hint of sourness. The flavor of the dense smoke was strong with black pepper, notes of citrus, and a little sweetness at the end. Caryophyllene is a dominant terpene of the infamous Chem Dawg strain, resulting in spicy flavors, along with limonene and myrcene. 

Humboldt Seeds; source: Delicious Seeds

The effects were rather intensely cerebral the first few minutes, with a heightened sense of awareness and a strong, motivated feeling. After a bit, the Chem Dawg smoke had settled into a consciousness-heightening experience, and I felt like I was elevated both mentally and emotionally.

With over 34% THC in this flower, the effects are noticeable very quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised at how long the effects lasted, as sometimes sativa strains wear off quicker for me. After a few hours, I was still high in the clouds mentally, but able to focus and found it to be very inspiring.

Chem Dawg is a great strain for concerts, which is no surprise given the folklore that this strain was passed via a bag seed at none other than a Grateful Dead concert. I also enjoy Chem Dawg before a hike or doing something artistic, like painting or crafts, due to its imaginative effects. 

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