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Hash: The Oldest Traditional Cannabis Byproduct

Marcus Quoyeser

by Marcus Quoyeser

August 29, 2019 04:30 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Hash: The Oldest Traditional Cannabis Byproduct

The world of cannabis is chock full of fun ways to consume the plant. From edibles to buds, there is no shortage of ways to indulge yourself. One of the more popular forms of cannabis, hash, is an awesome way to get yourself to a good headspace.

There are a few ways to use hash, and we’ll get into that, but first, let’s look at what hash is and how it’s made.

Resin Not Raisin

The easiest explanation for hash is that it’s a product made from the resin of cannabis. It’s the waxy stuff that forms when trichomes are made into a compact block. It looks kind of like a grassy, crumbly, dusty ball, cookie, or loaf.

The result of the hash-making process leaves you with a highly concentrated substance that’s strong in THC. For this reason, it is the preferred way to smoke in many areas. Hash is especially popular in Europe. In 2008, it was the most consumed form of cannabis. Popularity is growing in the United States, too, as cannabis becomes more tolerated and legal.

A fun fact about hash: it was first consumed somewhere between the 7thcentury and the 10thcentury. That’s a long time ago. Picturing the peoples of Persia partaking in hashish is inspiring, to say the least. The lasting appeal of this substance says more about it than marketing can. Further, in the 17thor so century tobacco grew in popularity and spread around the globe. It became a popular plant, and it was often used to mix with hashish. This led to hash seeing a wider audience and a brighter spotlight.

By the time that the 20thcentury rolled around, the Middle East and Asia were exporting vast amounts of hash worldwide. This time period was arguably the peak of hash production and export if looking at sheer scale and volume. Prohibition sadly became a thing in most of the hash-producing countries, and today most export is limited to Morocco, with Afghanistan and Lebanon trailing.

In the United States, hash production is a budding venture. As mentioned, it is ever-increasing in popularity among marijuana enthusiasts across the nation. But how is it made? Let’s dig in.

Bubble Hash

The first method for making hash is the bubble has method. This simple process is sure to get you what you want. It yields clean, pure hash in no time. For this method, you’ll need water, ice, micron filters, and a couple of buckets. The process is a little chunky, but once you get the hang of it it’ll be a cinch.

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  1. Fill the bottom of the bucket with a healthy amount of ice
  2. Place a layer of bud on the ice at the bottom
  3. Continue to layer ice, then cannabis, until the bucket is full (ice should be the top layer)
  4. Fill your bucket with enough water to nearly reach the top.
  5. Let the hash sit for a while to lower the temperature
  6. Stir slowly and gently for about 15 or so minutes
  7. Strain the liquid, making sure only ice and plant bits are leftover
  8. Repeat the process

Hand Rolling Method

This one is great for our farmers out there. The hand-rolling method is a way to get some hash after a long day of harvesting. Not only will this get you some great hash but it’ll be sure that less of your product is being wasted (a bane to farmers of all kinds).

You are probably aware that trichomes remain on your hands after trimming. If you’re not, know that the black resin left on your skin is just that. To get hash out of this experience, rub your hands together to create little balls of hash. It’s really that simple.

It’s best to use the most trichomes that you can as this will lead to the best collection of fresh hash. When you’re done, store the new hash in your favorite container. Expect intense flavor, aroma, and THC from this method.

Silk Screen Method

Next, to the hand-rolling method, this one may be the easiest. You’ll need silk screens, your favorite cannabis, and time. Optional equipment: a box, jars for your hash, and a snack because let’s face it, you’ll get hungry at some point.

To get going with this one, first, grind your remaining cannabis trim. Place it on the screen, which should be over a dark, clean surface (a box is preferable). Rub the plant material on the screen. It should eventually stop providing resin. At this point, collect what you have and repeat.

Layers of screens make this process easier. After each screen is used, remove it and work on the next one until there are no more.

Have Fun

Fewer things in life are as rewarding as working and working at a task, seeing it through, and reaping the benefits of its success. With hash, it’s no different. You sweat and work to get that fine substance. It’s tough, but you are granted an awesome experience at the end.

The best part about making your own hash: it’s fun. Playing with plants and building neat little contraptions for maximum hash excellency is a great way to spend an afternoon. Or a weekend. Or was it a week? It’s getting foggy and hard to remember…

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