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Congratulations to New Mexico for Recreational Cannabis Legalization!

May 4, 2021 03:30 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Congratulations to New Mexico for Recreational Cannabis Legalization!

On April 12th New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation that officially legalized recreational cannabis for the state. Medical cannabis was already legal in New Mexico and has even seen the win of a significant court case determining patients’ rights for all, including those with a medical card who are incarcerated in New Mexico or those on probation, parole, or house arrest.  When asked about recreational cannabis legalization Gov. Grisham told media sources, “It is good for workers. It is good for entrepreneurs. It is good for consumers, and it brings about social justice in ways in which we have been talking about and advocating for, for decades.”

A Welcomed Change for New Mexico

In 2020, New Mexico was home to an estimated 2,106,319 citizens. The state has struggled with poverty levels and high violent and property crime rates. As of 2018, New Mexico was ranked as the second poorest in the nation, with Mississippi taking first place. According to Safewise, “New Mexico has some of the highest crime rates in the US. Among all 50 states, New Mexico had the second-highest violent crime rate (behind Alaska) and the second-highest property crime rate (behind Louisiana).”

Recreational cannabis helps boost tourism. I’ve always wanted to see Roswell and do some gold prospecting in the mountains around Taos. I used to would have avoided these areas unless it was required for work. Not anymore. I can now add trips to New Mexico to my future plans. Like many other Americans, I opt to stay out of states that take away freedoms I have in my home state.

ABC News said the governor “touched on concerns about the harm inflicted on racial and ethnic minorities by drug criminalization and tough policing, noting that the new law could free about 100 from prison and expunge criminal records for thousands of residents.” Criminal records expunged, more jobs created, legal access to cannabis for adults in New Mexico, it’s setting up to be a beautiful time to be in New Mexico!

What’s Permitted For Recreational Use

When it comes to what is allowed, let’s break it down! Adults are legally permitted to purchase and possess up to two ounces of cannabis and/or 16 grams of cannabis extract from licensed retailers.

  • Adults over the age of 21 can purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis.
  • Legal adults are able to purchase and possess up to 16 grams of cannabis extracts.
  • Adults will be allowed to grow six plants per person or 12 plants in total per household.
  • The smell of cannabis will no longer give police the right to search people.
  • Regulators in the state of New Mexico have the ability to cap cannabis cultivation quantities over the coming years.
  • The state requires child-proof packaging like many others.
  • They are leaving the matter of employee consumption to employers.
  • Rules and regulations regarding product safety are currently not available but are required at the beginning of 2022.
  • There will be a 12% recreational excise tax on cannabis that will increase to 18%. These taxes are on top of taxes already in place.
  • The legislation approved has language permitting the state to work on agreements with Native American tribal governments opening doors to the green industry for tribal enterprises.

Regardless of the details, the one beautiful thing that remains is cannabis is finally legal both medically and recreationally in the state of New Mexico.

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The State’s Motto Takes on a Whole New Meaning

New Mexico’s state motto ‘Crescit Eundo’ means “it grows as it goes,” and this couldn’t be a better motto. As of June 29 of this year, adults in New Mexico will be allowed to have up to two ounces of cannabis on them outside of their home, and they will be allowed to grow cannabis at home. The failed war on drugs started by an ill-informed and racist federal government has devastated the lives of people everywhere. New Mexico saw a particularly tough go at it being on the border of Mexico, where a lot of cannabis came from before widespread legalization in the US.

Rep. Javier Martínez of Albuquerque has been on the front lines of this war, seeing the harm its inflicted firsthand while witnessing the failure of this draconian effort by the United States Federal Government. Rep. Martinez very beautifully put what states like Kansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Idaho, and a few others should open their closed ears to hear, and that was, “I grew up along the border. I’ve seen what the war on drugs has done. I’m proud that New Mexico — little old New Mexico — has done its part to tell the federal government once and for all to legalize cannabis for the people.” It is no secret that the American people support cannabis legalization and that support is at an all-time high.

“As more states continue to legalize marijuana, 91% of US adults say either that marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use.” –pewresearch.org

Crescit eundo to cannabis legalization for America!

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