Discover The Hero Who Took 100 Bong Tokes

November 28, 2017 12:41 am ET
Discover The Hero Who Took 100 Bong Tokes

100 Hits?!?!

Everyone who smokes weed has a friend that has “vacuum lungs”.

Someone who can smoke BIG and seemingly remain the same.

Most people smoke maybe 2-5 bong hits, maybe a joint, or a blunt per session…

But this girl takes it to the next level…

marijuana bong

Marijuana Mermaid proves that you can’t O.D. on weed.

This is not fake news. We would debunk anything that even smelled of a fake story. But I’ve been following Marijuana Mermaid on Instagram and Youtube for years nows. And she’s legit and we did the research…

In the following video, Frances smokes 100 bowls of marijuana using different smoking mediums like a bong, bubbler and joint.

“This is not good for your lungs. This is not good for your body probably.” She says after ten hits.

Watch Marijuana Mermaid take 100 bong hits:


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