Discovering the Cali Crusher

Cali crusher grinder

One of the first designer grinders to hit the market—and quite possibly the best grinder you can buy today is the Cali Crusher. Hailing out of San Diego, California, the Cali Crusher comes in several stylish colors and is packed with features unseen on any other grinder before it.


The teeth are made of top shelf Aerospace medical grade aluminum with indestructible radial cut blades, which are no worry anyway since Cali Crushers come with a lifetime warranty. However, the most notable trait is the original 4-way Quick-lock feature, eliminating cross threading incidents and jammed grinders. This is fantastic as instead of having to unscrew the middle chamber—which sometimes gets stuck in traditional grinders—the Cali Crusher allows easily dispensable herb through turning the middle chamber and lifting it upwards to open the grinder for quicker access. The Cali Crusher screen is removable and upgradeable with a small hex key while the deep rounded-bottom tray perfectly collects kief. Most grinders today have kief trays since kief gets stuck in the corner of your grinder, but Cali Crushers’ medical grade materials keep the herb safe for consumption after being ground. Regardless of your cannabis consumption preference, whether its vaporizers or rolling papers, the Cali Crusher has taken care of every problematic feature from the classic grinder and released a new devastating grinder that’s also easy on the eye.

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Anthony Dutcher
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