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Grower’s Guide to Super Cropping Cannabis 

Mary Ekundayo

by Mary Ekundayo

March 29, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
Grower’s Guide to Super Cropping Cannabis 

Growing and cultivating cannabis at home has its advantages and challenges, well it has more advantages than disadvantages. At least when you grow your cannabis at home, you’re able to provide it with the best environment for perfect and healthy cannabis growth. And just like every other agricultural venture achieving the perfect cannabis growth doesn’t come easy. While your goal is to have a beautiful cannabis harvest, you’re bound to face some challenges. Introducing super cropping: a must-have skill for cannabis growers that helps to amplify your yield.

What Is Super Cropping? 

Super cropping is a very delicate technique that cannabis growers employ when they want their cannabis plant to have a better yield and stronger overall growth. 

When you supercrop a plant, you’re causing controlled damage to the stems. Cannabis growers do this by gently bending or pinching the stems. This sends a quick stress signal to the plant’s natural response mechanisms, letting it know that it needs to strengthen and grow more vigorously. 

As a result of this stress, the plant now redirects all its energy to the damaged area which now leads to thicker stems and a more lateral branching. 

Benefits of Super Cropping Weed 

Super cropping is gaining popularity in the cannabis cultivation world because it has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving cannabis plant growth. 

If you’re ever going to super crop your cannabis plants, it could have a significant impact on your plants’ growth and your resulting yield.

Let’s check out a few benefits of super cropping: 

1. Vigorous Growth and Better Bud Development 

The super cropping technique is used by cannabis growers, and it encourages more vigorous growth and better bud development. Super cropping involves gently pinching and bending the stems of your cannabis plants. Doing this will damage the inner fibers without breaking the outer part. 

While this method might look weird at first, it benefits the plants overall. The damage activates their defense mechanism, which stimulates their growth and makes them more robust while producing bigger buds.

2. Boosts Plants Resin Production And Potency 

Super cropping boosts your cannabis plant’s production potential while enhancing its resin production and potency. When these cannabis plants experience stress, they tend to naturally produce more trichomes. 

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Trichomes are some tiny resinous glands found on the surface of cannabis flowers and leaves. They contain cannabinoids like (THC and CBD) and terpenes which in turn contribute to the plant’s potency and aromatic properties. 

3. Encourages Better Structural Support For Buds 

After employing the technique of super cropping, the cannabis plants end up developing hard, thick knots at those points that were bent during the process. These knots are very essential as they provide additional support at the bend points while protecting the stems and branches. This helps produce quality buds. 

4. Greater Yield

Every cannabis grower’s wish is to have a great harvest of healthy and potent flower that will provide buyers with the best quality product possible. Cannabis growers can ensure they get this sense of accomplishment by strategically stressing and manipulating the cannabis plant’s growth. 

With super cropping, you can ensure that your cannabis plants get appropriate sunlight that penetrates the lower branch, which can help maximize photosynthesis.

Tools You Need To Super Crop Your Cannabis Plant 

There are just a few things you need to get ready if you ever want to super crop your cannabis plant. Here’s a list of the most important ones: 

  • Your fingers 
  • Ties or Stakes 
  • Plant tape 
  • Garden stakes 
  • Patience, patience, patience

When To Start Super Cropping 

The best time to super crop your cannabis plant is when it is in the late vegetative stage, which should be 3-7 days before it transitions into the flower stage. During this stage, the cannabis plants are still actively growing and flexible, which makes them more responsive to super cropping. 

Allowing 3-7 days will give the cannabis plants ample time to recover and get back to their normal state before they start developing their buds. 

Try not to super crop cannabis plants that have any type of infestation or nutrient issues. Super cropping itself is a very stressful technique, and your cannabis plant needs to be in its best condition to be able to cope with this process. 

How To Super Crop Your Cannabis Plants

Starting your super cropping journey might seem scary, but you need not worry. There are careful steps that you need to adhere to to carry out the perfect super cropping. If you’re successfully able to follow these careful steps, then you’re on to the journey of significantly enhancing your cannabis cultivation. 

  1. Identify The Target Stems — After a careful look at your cannabis plant, choose the stems you want to super crop. These are mainly the taller and less flexible stems that you want to grow thicker and stronger.
  2. Pick The Right Time — Time is very important when it comes to super cropping. You need to make sure that these stems are in their delicate stage, where they can still withstand stress and recover quickly.
  3. Apply Gentle Pressure — Using your fingers or thumb, gently squeeze or pinch the particular stem you want to super crop. Then apply just enough pressure to slightly damage the inner tissues of the stem without damaging the outer skin.
  4. Bending The Stem — The next step is to delicately bend the stem of your cannabis plant. Once you have applied pressure, slightly bend the stem in your preferred direction. This will reposition the stem without destroying it.
  5. Support The Bent Stems — If you need to support the bent stems in their new position, you can use ties, stakes, or plant tape. This will help your cannabis plant maintain its structure until it finally heals and strengthens.
  6. Monitor The Cropped Stems — For the next few days, you should keep a close watch on the super-cropped stems to ensure they are healing perfectly. Ensure they get enough water, nutrients, and adequate sunlight for overall optimal cannabis growth.

Final Words 

Super cropping is one of the most effective high-stress techniques for achieving a bigger and stronger cannabis yield. However, this process needs extreme patience and skill to achieve the desired result.

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