How to Make the Best of Your Yoga Routine with Marijuana

January 29, 2018 10:04 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
How to Make the Best of Your Yoga Routine with Marijuana

By pairing the practice of yoga and cannabis use, you can vastly improve your experience for better exploration of yourself. It is common knowledge that the practice of yoga consists of finding freedom from suffering, linking the mind, body, and spirit as one. But how one finds this unification varies from person to person.

How Marijuana Effects Your Yoga Routine

The use of cannabis in yoga’s practice is a debated topic among those who are a part of the yogi community since some say that cannabis will block them from having this mental and physical clarity. However, we have those who think that cannabis will act as an mind opening substance, helping them to explore it in a profound and deeper way. So whom should you listen to? Listen to yourself and what your body tells you! You should know yourself and the way cannabis affects your body. Knowing that cannabis makes you feel relaxed, calm, heals some aches, and pains may mean that you should give it a shot.

The methods such as smoking and vaping can have some impacts on your breathing, which might make things more difficult on your yoga routine. If this is what happens to you, you will probably need to change the way on how you are consuming cannabis. Nevertheless, do not forget to drink a lot of water even if your lungs are normally functioning after smoking, so you can prevent your throat and mouth from dryness.

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Smoking vs Edibles

So what if instead of smoking and vaping, you go after edibles? Edibles can be perfect for combining with your yoga practice, but the problem is always eating the right amount of edible, which is can be hard since we all get too excited by eating such delicious treats. Finding the right amount for your yoga class is necessary, so start by eating a little, and see if you need to enhance the quantity after your practice.

Your focus is something to pay close attention to, so be aware that cannabis makes you wander off sometimes. Always start with a small amount and keep note on how it is affecting your ability to focus. By this, you will find out how much cannabis you can use before going to your yoga class and you won’t let it disturb your practice.

Choose the Strain That Fits You Best

Among all the options, you can still go after the flower, but you need to be aware that smoking or vaping the flower might seriously affect your breathing and the process. By choosing flower, you need to discover the strain that will help you better in this pairing, however, you might want to go directly for the types of cannabis that contain more CBD and tend to be calming and relaxing. If not, cannabis may confuse your practice instead of helping.


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