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Most Theme Parks Say ‘No’ to Medical Cannabis Products

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

August 5, 2020 04:41 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Most Theme Parks Say ‘No’ to Medical Cannabis Products

We’re going to Disney is a phrase that many people have been waiting to hear their entire life. The attraction and aww of Disney World has pulled the attention of young and old alike for decades. If you take a visit to Disney World, you can do some pretty amazing things. Today Disney World Is not just one theme park; it is several of them.

What Is and Isn’t Allowed on Theme Park Properties

When it comes to modern times, though, you would think Disney would stay on top of them. For the most part, Disney is cutting-edge and futuristic. Many people dream of making a trip to visit the iconic theme park. A lot of these people have disabilities that require them to take medication. Some of the conventional medicines taken by those with disabilities are Vicodin, Percocet, hydrocodone, oxycontin, Thorazine, amitriptyline, fentanyl, and other pharmaceutical drugs. 

These are all permitted with a prescription on Disney premises. Alcohol is also allowed on Disney grounds. In fact, you can find an entire website dedicated to getting drunk at American theme parks. Disney, however, does not allow any form of medical cannabis. You cannot have edibles, concentrates, vapes, or anything with cannabis in it. You can’t even have CBD.

Many theme parks follow in the steps of Disney, such a Six Flags and others. Only a handful such as SeaWorld and Busch Gardens allows patients to bring CBD on to theme park property. With significant theme parks such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Cedar Point, Six Flags, and Disney allowing opioids and alcohol but banning medical cannabis it could be sending the wrong message to followers and potential visitors. 

Say No to Natural Medicine – Is This Their Message?

It’s not as if they’re saying it’s okay to drink and take prescription drugs, but please do not bring any form of natural medication onto this property. Or are they? For many people, not being able to access their medical cannabis is an absolute firm ‘no’ when it comes to going to these theme parks. Medical cannabis is legal in more places today than it ever has been. Most states have reformed their draconian cannabis regulations and listened to the will of the people. Businesses such as this that do not support the medical cannabis industry may lose a substantial number of visitors.

Blatant cannabis smoking is not exactly the thing someone needs to be doing at a theme park designed to attract children. Nor is smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or openly taking prescription drugs. Many consumers believe theme parks should have designated areas for patients to medicate that is out of the public eye. It would not be very difficult for these mega parks to facilitate consumption rooms like they do smoking rooms for cigarette smokers. 

Most Theme Parks Say No to Cannabis

You’re Better Off Playing  it Safe

On another note, as long as you’re not outright smoking joints, and doing dabs or bong rips in the park, there are other ways to get around medicating as long as you can manage your medicine. Medicating before you go to the park may be a great option. As long as you’re in control and not making a scene, you should be safe. Even someone on prescription drugs like opiates that acts intoxicated even runs the risk of running into authoritative action from Disney personnel. 

It is high time for people to look at regulations and rules pertaining to medical patients and make sure that they apply to all medical patients. Medical cannabis is legal in both Florida and California. The very land Disney is built on has legal access to cannabis, but no legal cannabis is allowed on Disney properties. 

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