National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. 2017

March 20, 2017 02:51 pm ET
National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. 2017

In Washington DC, the legalization of marijuana legalization has been in progress. The National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. was conceptualized for the first time in April 2016. It was formalized by groups advocating cannabis policy, enthusiasts and business owners, and cannabis entrepreneurs. Primarily, this huge event was organized for the purposes of celebrating the progress in marijuana legalization. This National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. aims to be an event which will be an avenue for the community in the east coast to celebrate the strides that cannabis policy has made. The inevitability of the non-profit organizations and movements fighting everyday so that the prohibition on the use of cannabis will be totally eliminated is the main theme of the festival.

For several decades now, there are non-profit organizations who untiringly advocates to end marijuana prohibition. This National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. offers a great opportunity of gathering together and take the national spotlight in this pressing issues about the cannabis policy. This is also to showcase the legislative bodies of the state, how serious the community is about their advocacy.

The festival is packed with numerous fun activities and information all geared toward offering more awareness on why there is a need to continuously fight for politically legitimacy of the cannabis plant. Prepare to be entertained as this will be a day full of music from the best artists and bands of the region and headlining acts. They will also set up the advocacy village wherein you can meet the members of the advocacy coalition and get to know them more. There will be an education pavilion wherein you can attend on numerous informational sessions which will run all throughout the day. Attendees will also be oriented on the many different ways that they can contribute to the community efforts of advocating marijuana legalization. And of course, the fun will come with food, wine and beer.

OnePath Medical NCF
Veriheal is presenting at the National Cannabis Festival.

One of the best highlights of National Cannabis Festival is the vendor village of local and national brands. And this year, Veriheal will be one of the participating vendors in the said event. Veriheal helps patients in California, Maryland, and Washington D.C. connect with state licensed doctors who will prescribe them for legal cannabis. Veriheall is a HIPAA compliant software company that provides the technology to help physicians legally approved patients for medical cannabis from the states in which they live. If you intend to look for a partner who will help you get a recommendation for the use of medical cannabis in the most safe, discreet and sophisticated care, Veriheal is an excellent option. And attending the National Cannabis Festival can be the best and easiest way for you to get to know them.

Becoming an “All-Access VIP Tickets” or “VIP Foundling Member Ticket” for the National Cannabis Festival gives you accommodation at the VIP lounge with free food and drinks. With this, you can also get access to the viewing platforms for the VIPs and admission to three pre-festival events where you can meet with policy makers and industry leaders. This is an opportunity to meeting new friends, business contacts and networks. Other perks include VIP bag and admission to the after party of the NCF. There are only 150 tickets of this kind made available. And you must be 21 years and above with a valid government ID to be qualified to attend this festival. Come and help in making legalization of marijuana, happen. To get tickets to the National Cannabis Festival in Washington D.C. visit the website at www.nationalcannabisfestival.com.

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