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National Survey: Over a Third of U.S. Women Use Cannabis Despite Deep-Rooted Stigmas 

Bethan Rose

by Bethan Rose

April 19, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
National Survey: Over a Third of U.S. Women Use Cannabis Despite Deep-Rooted Stigmas 

Two in three women who consume cannabis (65%) admit to using the plant somewhat secretly. Well, that’s according to a national survey that was recently published by MedMen Enterprises Inc. Released on March 8, the survey into female cannabis use explored consumption habits and buying behaviors.

“March is a meaningful time to celebrate women and create awareness around issues that matter to them. We know first-hand from our female-identifying employees and customers that women are increasingly turning to cannabis for their health and wellness needs. However, it’s clear that stigmas persist and inhibit us from sharing our experiences freely,” said the chief product officer at MedMen, Karen Torres.

Carried out by The Harris Poll on behalf of MedMen, the online survey discovered that 65% of American women who use the plant in some form tend to do so without their parents (26%), children (22%), or co-workers (21%) knowing. 

Polling analysts also learned that more than one-third (37%) of American females aged 21+ consume cannabis. Additionally, more than one in four (28%) say they consume cannabis once monthly or more frequently, and during a typical month, almost one in three female cannabis consumers (32%) spend over $100 at licensed dispensaries.

Key Takeaways of the Survey Into Female Cannabis Consumption

If we delve deeper into the findings of this survey on female cannabis consumption, we can learn that most women tend to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes as opposed to recreational. The researchers identified the following three main reasons why women usually consume cannabis:

  1. To ease anxiety (60%)
  2. To induce a good night’s sleep (58%)
  3. To reduce pain (53%)

Of those who took part in the poll, nine in 10 female consumers (91%) claimed that they purchase marijuana legally at a dispensary, and (35%) of buyers prefer to shop with the assistance of a female budtender. Edibles took the top spot as women’s preferred method of administration (57%), with flower/pre-rolls (43%) and vapes (39%) coming in just after.

Younger women (aged 21-44) seem to be more than twice as likely to use cannabis (57%) as their older (aged 45+) counterparts (22%). Despite the fact that 27% of female cannabis consumers are not concerned about their cannabis consumption habits, 20% are worried about the prospect of drug testing.

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“Fortunately, this research confirms that cannabis use has become a popular form of self-care, particularly among women seeking holistic solutions to help manage pain and anxiety, or to simply unwind. The face of the cannabis consumer is changing, and so is the face of MedMen,” said Torres. “These results will help us better understand and cater to our female customers and create a welcoming, empowering retail experience. This includes expanding our portfolio of premium women-owned brands,” Torres added.

How Was the Survey Into Female Cannabis Consumption Carried Out?

This survey was carried out by The Harris Poll using an online polling platform that was provided on behalf of MedMen between Feb. 28 and March 2, 2023. Only females in the U.S. were invited to partake in the survey, with a total of 1,020 women aged 21 and over providing their responses. Among those women, 391 were cannabis consumers.

To glean their findings with the utmost precision, the research team utilized a Bayesian credible interval. All sample data unveiled in this study was accurate to within + 3.6 percentage points using a 95% confidence level. The Bayesian framework is favored for numerous reasons, such as the straightforward interpretation of results and model flexibility.

About Premier American Cannabis Retailer MedMen

Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin co-founded MedMen in 2010. The premier American cannabis retailer has left a monumental mark on the U.S. cannabis industry, with the company operating 29 retail stores and six cultivation facilities. 

Some locations in which MedMen maintains a strong presence include California, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, and New York. The publicly traded company also possesses the necessary licensing to expand its footprint across an additional 65 locations.

MedMen is currently undergoing restructuring efforts, with positive results. The support agreement was agreed upon during the summer of 2020 and has contributed to a positive adjusted EBITDA, as well as a 34% reduction in payroll costs across all of the company’s cultivation centers, corporate headquarters, and retail stores. 

Inside its retail stores, customers can choose from an attractive selection of high-quality products, such as house brands like MedMen Red, Moss, and LuxLyte. Proprietary delivery services, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup are available, in addition to an acclaimed loyalty program that grants customers exclusive access to promotions, product drops, and content. 

For additional information about MedMen or to check out the company’s various dispensary locations, visit

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