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Say Goodbye to the Black Market and Walk into the Nearest Cannabis Dispensary

September 7, 2018 09:38 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Say Goodbye to the Black Market and Walk into the Nearest Cannabis Dispensary

As the United States continues to gain momentum for cannabis legalization, the majority of Americans now accept cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes. Legal cannabis is now available to purchase in a retail stores called a dispensary in 10 recreational states and 30 medical states. The days of buying cannabis from the streets are now over. You will never have to wait for hours for a drug dealer to show up without risking buying tainted products or possibly being ripped off.

Despite the myth of purchasing cannabis on the street to save money over paying high taxes, buying from the black market continues to sensationalize the criminal lifestyle. It is also illegal to purchase cannabis from the street, because you are vulnerable to drug related crime and violence. Cannabis is still federally illegal according to the DEA’s Schedule 1 Status, which means that you can get arrested for purchasing cannabis in the streets. On the other hand, the ripple effect of legal cannabis decreases violence and smuggling from drug related incidents as crime continues to fall in states with recreational and medical cannabis legalized. Dispensaries are now at every corner in legal states. There are many benefits to buying your cannabis at a dispensary instead of turning to the black market. Below is a list of the reasons why you should check out Veriheal to find the closest dispensary near you to purchase medical cannabis:

Friendly and Knowledgeable Budtenders

From the moment you walk into a dispensary, you will feel welcomed by the budtenders and staff members with a friendly attitude and smile. Retail cannabis dispensaries are now state of the art facilities with lounge chairs and open space for customers to feel comfortable. Being able to speak to a budtender in person to discuss the best treatment for your health condition is one of the biggest advantages of buying from a dispensary. Budtenders will be able to answer any of your specific questions about the many different cannabis products in the dispensary. An experienced budtender will also ask customers about their desired effects to recommend cannabis products best suited for their aliments. If you can’t make it a dispensary, deliveries are also an option for recreational and medical users to order cannabis and have the products delivered to their door. Do not look back at the days of waiting for hours for a drug dealer to come through.

Top Shelf Quality Products for Everyone’s Budget

Are you running out of your stash of cannabis at home? You can now go to a dispensary during store hours 7 days a week. The availability of high quality products is very important for cannabis customers. Dispensaries provide customers with an online menu, which is updated regularly with the most recent stock of cannabis products. The online menu provides different descriptions of the products ranging from flower, concentrates, edibles, infused drinks, and topicals. Although flower remains a popular product for medical cannabis patients, dispensaries have a wide variety of infused products to provide their customers with the best method of medicating from smoking, vaping, ingesting edibles, or applying THC infused products. Unlike the black market, dispensaries will offer their customers the best quality cannabis products that fits anyone’s budget.  Rest assured you will also know the exact weight of the cannabis product, which is clearly printed in the packaging.

Deals, Discounts, and Loyalty Programs

Since many new dispensaries are opening their doors across recreational and legal states, dispensaries must remain competitive with their prices to retain new customers. Due to the vast competition, dispensaries vary in prices of their cannabis products. Therefore, cannabis customers have the advantage of being able to score deals, discounts, and be a part of a loyalty program by purchasing cannabis in a dispensary. Dispensaries now text and email their customers a variety of daily deals for their cannabis products, including Happy Hour and 420 discounts. Dispensaries are also offering fun promotions to bring customers back to the door from spin the wheel earning prizes and free food offers.

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Accurate Lab Results

Dispensaries have accurate information about the dosage and potency of the THC in all of their products. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your cannabis product is from a grow operation with safety standards to protect the health of the customer. State of the art lab facilities test cannabis products for mold and fungus. As a result, dispensaries are required in states, such as Nevada, to give a detailed description of lab results. If you purchase cannabis from the streets, you do not know if the dealer used harmful chemicals and toxins from pesticides to keep the flower fresh. These toxins and chemicals are harmful for human consumption.

Although there is a misconception about buying cannabis from the street without taxes, going to a dispensary is the safest option. The dangers of getting arrested for cannabis possession are now in the past. Currently, prices in legal recreational and medical states are beginning to fall. This is because states are permitting licenses of new dispensaries and grow operations to produce and sell more cannabis products to customers. In the end, the War on Drugs is slowly coming to an end as people are beginning to realize cannabis is safer to use compared to harder drugs and alcohol.


Article By Lisa Noeth

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