Runtz Strain Review: Experience Dreamy Serenity

August 18, 2023 12:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
Runtz Strain Review: Experience Dreamy Serenity

Runtz is a highly popular hybrid cultivar that is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato. The bright green buds are covered in sugar-like trichomes and produce a candy-sweet and citrusy aroma. Breaking up the flower gives straight sweet tarts, lemon rinds, clementine oranges, and creamy bananas with hints of mint. 

Grown by @thegrowingpains Photo by @greenmitten

While not as much fruit was present in the flavor, it was still very enjoyable. The delicate, flavorful smoke was more like saccharine-frosted funk with herbaceous notes of dill and parsley. The flavors were piney and herbal with a bit of red pepper and orange aftertaste. Caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene are often dominant terpenes in the Runtz flower. 

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Immediately, I felt a relaxing sensation behind my eyes. I experienced a heavy head-high overtake with my senses within a toke or two and became very relaxed and almost dreamy. I had a euphoric calm feeling, and there was noticeable relief from moderate body aches and any anxiety I was experiencing. Testing at 31.21% active cannabinoids and boasting a strong terpene profile that appealed to my senses, I found this strain to be rather successful in its sedating effects that mellowed out into a happy, peaceful high I felt both in my body and cerebrally. It boosted my creativity and lasted for several hours with lessened heaviness which I found pleasant.

This Indica-leaning hybrid boasts a high 30.74% THC testing that helped in bringing apt relief for my body pain and making me feel carefree as I went about my day. This strain would be good for a lazy Sunday, or winding down after work with or without a glass of wine. Its soothing effects are more suited to serene environments and chilling out. My choice activities for rolling up some Runtz: walks in the park, cloud-watching from a hammock, or even a good movie marathon all would be beneficial with this strain.

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