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The (Sad) World of “420 Friendly” Dating

Cesar Gallegos

by Cesar Gallegos

February 14, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
The (Sad) World of “420 Friendly” Dating

The effects of the pandemic, rapid suburbanization, and the steady decline of third spaces have made forming platonic connections — let alone romantic ones — an incredibly challenging task in 2023. It’s gotten so bad that the U.S. Surgeon General put out an advisory warning about the potential dangers of the “Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation”

In a world where making a connection is somewhat of a small miracle, dating apps have become a necessary evil for many. Even as data shows that 88% of adults are disappointed with what they see on dating apps — 42% of them can’t help but acknowledge that these apps do, in fact, make it easier to find a long-term partner. 

Do these numbers change if the individual using the app is “420 friendly?” As the stigma around cannabis begins to break down — and products like cannabis lube make it easier than every to introduce the plant into intimate settings — let’s explore the world of cannabis dating.

Who Needs “420 Friendly” Dating Apps?

So, you — like many before you — came to the reluctant realization that it may be time to hop on a dating app if you don’t want to die alone. You sign up for one of the few established apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or Grindr. Hoping to find someone who enjoys cannabis culture and consumption as much as you do, you put “420 friendly” in your bio. 

Though it’s usually something that you’re proud of, you start to feel as though matches are judging you for your interest in cannabis. This sentiment is shared by many cannabis enthusiasts online. Reddit user RyanADruggie summed up his experience on dating apps, saying: “The girls I meet don’t smoke at all, and look at me under the same stereotype as the “lazy stoner guy.” 

Experiences like this are what drive many to explore the world of cannabis dating apps. There, they hope to match with other like-minded cannabis connoisseurs who will understand their lifestyle. But do any of these cannabis dating apps actually deliver on that promise? I checked out two of the most popular cannabis dating apps on the market to find out.


Released in 2017, the Blazr app seems to have changed very little over the last 7 years. The interface looked very outdated, making me question its legitimacy. After making my profile and swiping for a bit, my fears were unfortunately proven correct. 

The app is overrun with tons of fake and spam accounts — many advertising their “meet-up” services in their bios. During my 15 minutes of swiping, I ran into profiles using the exact same set of pictures on back-to-back swipes. After three more swipes, I ran into two OTHER profiles using the same set of pictures. I can only imagine how frustrating this experience must be for someone actually hoping to find connections here.

A quick glance at the Apple Application store showed that my (fruitless) 420 friendly search on Blazr was not unique. Overall, users gave the Blazr app a 3.5 rating. User tvfisher says the app is “Unregulated and full of scammers.” User 07tee0u added that there’s “WAY too much crap to have to sift through to find an actual human.”

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I think user HonestlyAbe11 summed it up best though, saying: ”If you don’t want to date or find other smokers, you’ve come to the right place.” In short, users looking for love on Blazr will only find bots and disappointment.


I downloaded the highthere app thinking it’d be a Tinder/Bumble clone like Blazr. What I found after creating a profile, however, was so much different.

highthere is essentially a cannabis community version of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. At the start, the app shows you a “follower” and “for you page.” The highthere app  encourages users to interact with content on their timelines and follow the users behind it. Once you get a mutual follower, you can chat with them and start connecting.

Although highthere’s main purpose isn’t necessarily dating, I could see how it’s possible to find a partner on here. More than anything, the app seems focused on creating a community. This focus on 420 friendly community building seems to be a relatively new pivot, as the app was initially launched with a “swipe” feature. 

Users who like the app seem to love its new community-building features. User Tamil_babii01 said, ”This app is the best when you’re traveling and have no idea where to get anything…you can connect with local users, and they can help or have a smoke sesh!.” By adding these community-building features, highthere has earned a user rating of 4.3 stars. 

Individuals looking to date on highthere, however, have much harsher reviews, often putting the blame on the app’s recent pivot from a dating app to a community-building app. One user said:”I’ve had this app for a while but I am now deleting it because all of a sudden all these people from Facebook wanna post selfies and complain about their lives.”

User mc-mejia summed up these frustrations, saying; “There are so many different features I don’t want to deal with. By trying to do everything this app does nothing.”

The Sad State of “420 Friendly” Dating Apps

Overall, I would recommend that those looking solely for romantic connections stick to more established dating apps. Though a cannabis dating app sounds like a good idea, in practice, there are just not enough dedicated cannabis connoisseurs to form a large dating pool. Without a large enough dating pool, even the best designed dating apps are doomed to become bot playgrounds.

That said, despite its slightly bloated list of features, I think the highthere app is a great place to start for those looking to connect socially with their fellow cannabis fanatics. Who knows, the love of your life may just be waiting for you among the sea of cannabis memes and selfies.

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