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U.S. Presidents As Cannabis Use Stereotypes (AI-Generated Images)

The Veriheal Squad

by The Veriheal Squad

February 19, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
U.S. Presidents As Cannabis Use Stereotypes (AI-Generated Images)

In a world where U.S. presidents pass the vibe check, what kind of smokers would America’s commanders-in-chief be? For President’s Day, we imagined this world — with the help of AI generation — to determine what form of cannabis these men might prefer.

U.S. Presidents as Stoner Stereotypes (using Leonardo.Ai):

Jimmy Carter 

jimmy carter spliff

Jimmy Carter uses cannabis for chronic lower back pain. He smokes you up on your lunch break. He hands you a hand-rolled spliff and tells you tales of his past loves and losses. It’s the best part of your work day.

Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln blunt

Oh, you thought “Lincoln Logs” was referring to his log cabin? Abraham Lincoln rolls the fattest blunts in the Union.

Bill Clinton

bill clinton dab rig

Bill Clinton wants that hard and fast high. But don’t worry — he doesn’t even inhale.

Joe Biden

joe biden cannabis

Joe Biden didn’t realize that the vitamin he took this morning was actually a sleepytime cannabis gummy.

George W. Bush

George W. Bush

George W. Bush, but the W. stands for “Wait, can I hit that?” He’s the guy who always “forgets” his dab pen.

John F. Kennedy

kennedy dab pen

John F. Kennedy sneaks hits of his pen in the Oval Office bathroom in between meet-ups (he won’t tell you who he’s meeting up with).

Teddy Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt loves nature of ALL sorts (and cannabis is his favorite flower). But oh no! He left his pipe in his hiking bag. Never fear — Teddy can make a smoking device out of anything. He’s a DIY Guy.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s post-sesh snack spreads are the stuff of legend (throwback to when he fed the Clemson Tigers). They’re proper feasts. But it’s not Harry Potter and friends vibes. It’s more like a dark and powerful Game of Thrones-style meeting of the minds.

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