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UFC Fighter Sean O’Malley Collabs With Dr. Dabber

Lauren Valentine

by Lauren Valentine

March 6, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
UFC Fighter Sean O’Malley Collabs With Dr. Dabber

Rising UFC star Sean O’Malley is cashing in on his famous smoking habit with a collab with Dr. Dabber. This technology-driven vaporizer company offers award-winning vaporizers that fit their customer’s needs.

O’Malley is best known for his UFC knockouts and brightly styled hair – usually in a tie-dye afro or colorful braids. The fighter and Dr. Dabber created a limited-edition Boost EVO: Sugar Sean Edition (a nod to his long-standing nickname “Suga”). Of course, the vaporizer comes in a tie-dye colorway, and each rig is hand-dipped, so no two designs are the same. 

In an interview, the 29-year-old fighter told Dr. Dabber, “The tie-dye is what really got people to recognize me other than the knockouts and wins. It goes hand-in-hand with the cannabis vibe and my own.” 

Each custom vaporizer has a Sugar Sean Edition carrying case and glass attachment. Per Dr. Dabber, “The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO Sugar Sean Edition Vaporizer is built using proprietary technology with the goal to achieve the perfect dab.” 

The limited edition Boost EVO was released on July 7th, 2021, and has since sold out. The collab also put out a Suga Sean O’Malley Limited Edition Switch™ – this time in a pink and turquoise colorway. 

Sean O’Malley On Cannabis Use for Recovery

While O’Malley may be known for his hairstyles and his knockout record, he has also talked openly about his cannabis use. “I use it at night; it helps me wind down. It’s like my body knows, okay, we’re winding down for the night,” he explained during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast. He also noted that he cuts out smoking about three weeks before a fight because, “munchies dude, the munchies will get you.” 

He also told Dr. Dabber about how he uses cannabis for recovery, “Cannabis helps with not only physical pain derived from training and fights, but mental pain too, as it takes away the stress that comes with it all.” 

In the same interview, he explained the most challenging part of being a professional athlete. “The training that goes into each fight. Everyone has a comment when it comes to fighters, but very few people can live this life at the capacity us fighters do.”

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Dr. Dabber And Sean O’Malley Deepen Their Collaboration

The collab between Dr. Dabber and O’Malley goes deeper than just products. The prominent vaporizer company announced sponsoring a professional team of UFC fighters, including O’Malley, a first for an active cannabis brand and the most notable MMA company in the world. 

Dr. Dabber CEO Jamie Rosen commented, “Dr. Dabber is always pushing to be the most effective, and safest, way to smoke cannabis through constant research and development. Teaming up with fighters who use cannabis for recovery highlights the trust they have for our products as professional athletes. It’s a huge milestone to be the first cannabis company in this field of athletic sponsorships.”

A few months before the sponsorship, the UFC announced it would not punish fighters who test positive for marijuana. This change aligns with the other sports leagues, including the NBA, which announced in 2020 that it would no longer randomly test athletes for marijuana for the upcoming season. 

“Suga” Sean And His Future Cannabis Endeavors 

While the 17-1 UFC star works on collaborations and runs his personal ‘Suga Sean’ brand, he is still locked in on his fighting career and trying to emulate his idol Conor McGregor’s success. O’Malley shared with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto that McGregor is one of the only people he’s ever looked up to and how he hopes to “change the sport, like Conor did.” 

McGregor has been an MMA fighter since he was 18 with a 22-6 record. He was the world’s highest-paid athlete in 2021. He continues his success outside of professional sports with his Proper No. Twelve whiskey (which sold a majority share to Proximo Spirits for up to $600 million) and his FAST training method

Like his idol, O’Malley is starting to look ahead in his career and work on non-fighting projects. He wants to continue with his cannabis-related success after the Dr. Dabber collab by one day creating his own strain. 

While on the Full Send Podcast, O’Malley revealed he’s been working towards this goal, “I think the big one, the one that’ll probably be the biggest, hasn’t happened yet. And that’s gonna be a strain, a certain strain, the ‘Sugar strain,’ and it’s getting into that business, like, we’ve tried it a couple times, but it’s tough.” 

O’Malley hopes the “Sugar strain” could be his “$100 million business” like whiskey was for McGregor. He’s just waiting for the right people and opportunity to launch his idea. 

For all of us who can’t wait to see what the rainbow-colored star does next, let’s hope he finds that opportunity soon! 

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