Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 30


by Lo

July 30, 2021 06:30 am ET

Congress has major cannabis-related bills to vote on. An Arizona hotel wants to become the first-ever cannabis-friendly hotel. Megan Rapinoe discusses her sister’s CBD brand in the wake of Sha’Carri Richardson’s scandal.

Several cannabis-related amendments went through Congress this week

And a hotel in Arizona aims to be the first-ever cannabis-friendly one

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Congress Votes on Cannabis 

Things are going down in Congress! 

A bunch of cannabis-related amendments that are included in a larger spending bill are set to be voted on VERY soon/           were voted on this week

One amendment would prompt the FDA to allow CBD as a dietary supplement

Another gets rid of language that limits federal funding to only universities that conduct cannabis research which has ultimately made research very restrictive

Then, AOC is sponsoring an amendment that allows researchers to explore therapeutic psychedelics like MDMA and Psilocybin

And another transfers funding to address remediation and clean up of illegal cannabis grows that exist in national public forests 

The spending package will also finally allow DC to use its local tax dollars to create a retail cannabis market. 

Arizona’s Clarendon Hotel and Spa is Cannabis-Friendly

Next in news,

A hotel in Phoenix, Arizona has devoted one entire wing to cannabis consuming guests

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa wants to take the crown as the first-ever “cannabis-friendly hotel”

It’s even hosted a six-course cannabis-infused dinner with a chef who is also able to serve cannabis-infused room service 

And it keeps getting better, the hotel offers bong and pipe rentals and ride services to and from local dispensaries. 

The cannabis-friendly rooms in the hotel all have a scrubber to keep the air clean and tobacco smoking remains prohibited. 

Athletes Deserve Alternatives to Opiates

And lastly, 

While some athletes have come under fire for their cannabis usesome are being celebrated for their “openness”

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe recently sat down with the media to promote her sister’s CBD brand whose products she also includes in her training routine

CBD was removed from the WADA’s banned substances list in 2017, however, THC still remains.

Rapinoe’s sister relayed that she was often prescribed powerful opiates to help manage injuries she got as a professional soccer player. 

But the fact that she couldn’t use natural remedies like cannabis, prompted her to create her CBD wellness brand for athletes. 

Megan suggested that besides helping her physically, it also helps her mentally when she’s training.

She also said ​​“We’re expected to perform on the biggest stages and highest levels, yet we can’t use all-natural products to help us recover. It’s not right, and these policies need to be changed to reflect where our culture is.”


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