Weekly Cannabis Roundup March 5


by Lo

March 5, 2021 10:34 am ET

New Jersey has launched a cannabis institute to help professionals further their education in cannabis. California has introduced a bill to help employees who use cannabis avoid discrimination in the workplace. And the state of Washington may or may not have decriminalized drug possession after declaring its current laws unconstitutional.

Video Transcript

A New Jersey university launches a cannabis institute 

California wants to help cannabis patients avoid discrimination in the workplace

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

New Jersey Gets a Cannabis Institute

Rowan University in New Jersey has launched the Institute for Cannabis Research, Policy, and Workforce Development

The goal of this institute is to assist in furthering education for professionals on cannabis and cannabis policy.

This is aimed at businesses, lawmakers, healthcare workers, and government agencies to boost their knowledge on cannabis. 

The president of the university said 

“New Jersey is entering a whole new world. Rowan University has the expertise and resources necessary to study the potential medicinal uses of cannabis, as well as the societal impacts of these new laws. The research possibilities are endless.”

There are multiple programs including both undergraduate and graduate degrees with additional courses underway.

California Employees May Soon Be Protected Under Law

Next in news, A new bill that was introduced in California will bar employers from discrimination toward employees who are cannabis consumers.

It would prohibit employers from using a positive urine drug screen as grounds for denying or terminating employment

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and would allow employees that have been discriminated against to take legal action

This bill would exclude federal employees as those drug tests are federally mandated

And it only encompasses urine drug screens as these tests are not reliable for detecting impairment.

The language of the newly introduced bill is still being tightened up and will hopefully be heard sometime this month. 

Did Washington Decriminalize Drug Possession?

And lastly, 

The state of Washington now finds itself in a bit of a transition after declaring the state’s felony drug possession laws unconstitutional

This makes one wonder if drug possession in Washington is now decriminalized? 

The decision stems from a recent case where a woman was arrested in an investigation for car theft but was found to be in small possession of meth upon checking into jail

She was convicted even though it was firmly pointed out and proven that this was a case of unwitting possession. 

In the appeal, the judge ruled that the state’s current law offered no protection for those who unknowingly come into possession of drugs 

In the meantime, state prosecuting attorneys are advised to cease working on cases that have anything to do with simple drug possession until new legislation is passed that will mitigate and help clarify better drug possession laws.

So stay tuned as we hear more about Washington

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Mr Inbetween says:

March 5, 2021 at 3:20 pm

Thanks Lo !!!!
Love your reporting! Beats the usual political reporting we can’t escape…. keep on keeping on, and reporting!


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