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Where Is Cannabis Legal? Cannabis Laws by State

Kymberly Drapcho

by Kymberly Drapcho

November 9, 2023 11:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
Fact checked by Emily Mullins
Where Is Cannabis Legal? Cannabis Laws by State

Cannabis laws are constantly changing. Keeping up-to-date with ever-evolving cannabis legislation is crucial to adhere to each state’s laws—whether you’re a resident or a tourist.

Use this interactive map to learn more about where cannabis is legal and every state’s cannabis laws. Scroll over your state for more information about legalization, medical and recreational use, and guidelines for safe consumption in your area.

Where Is Cannabis Legal?

State Medical Legal Year Legalized Recreational Legal Year Legalized
Alabama Yes 2021 No
Alaska Yes 1998 Yes 2014
Arizona Yes 2010 Yes 2020
Arkansas Yes 2016 No
California Yes 1996 Yes 2018
Colorado Yes 2000 Yes 2012
Connecticut Yes 2012 Yes 2021
Delaware Yes 2011 Yes 2023


Yes 2016 No
Georgia Low-THC CBD Oil 2015 Decriminalized in Some Cities 2017
Hawaii Yes 2000 Decriminalized 2020
Idaho Low-THC CBD Oil 2015 No
Illinois Yes 2014 Yes 2019
Indiana Low-THC CBD Oil 2018 No
Iowa Yes 2017  No
Kansas Low-THC CBD Oil 2019 No
Kentucky Yes 2023 No
Louisiana Yes 1978 Decriminalized 2021
Maine Yes 1999 Yes 2016
Maryland Yes 2014 Yes 2023
Massachusetts Yes 2012 Yes 2016
Michigan Yes 2008 Yes 2018
Minnesota Yes 2014 Yes 2023
Mississippi Yes 2022 Decriminalized 1978
Missouri Yes 2018 Yes 2022
Montana Yes 2004 Yes 2022
Nebraska Low-THC CBD Oil 2018 Decriminalized 1978
Nevada Yes 2001 Yes 2016
New Hampshire Yes 2013 Decriminalized 2017
New Jersey Yes 2010 Yes 2017
New Mexico Yes 2007 Yes 2021
New York Yes 2016 Yes 2021
North Carolina Low-THC CBD Oil 2015 Decriminalized 1977
North Dakota Yes 2016 Decriminalized 2019
Ohio Yes 2016 Yes 2023
Oklahoma Yes 2018 No
Oregon Yes 2014 Yes 2015
Pennsylvania Yes 2016 Decriminalized in Some Cities 2014
Rhode Island Yes 2006 Yes 2022
South Carolina Low-THC CBD Oil 2014 No
South Dakota Yes 2020 No
Tennessee Low-THC CBD Oil 2015 No
Texas Low-THC CBD Oil 2015 No
Utah Yes 2018 No
Vermont Yes 2004 Yes 2018
Virginia Yes 2020 Yes 2021
Washington Yes 1998 Yes 2012
West Virginia Yes 2018 No
Wisconsin Low-THC CBD Oil 2014 No
Wyoming Low-THC CBD Oil 2018 No
Washington D.C. Yes 2011 Yes 2015

Disclaimer: The content presented here is for educational purposes and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. The reader assumes full responsibility for utilizing this information. Information last updated August 2023. 

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