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Your Favorite Drag Queens That Use Cannabis

Milan Khali

by Milan Khali

June 20, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes
Fact checked by Emily Mullins
Your Favorite Drag Queens That Use Cannabis

Did you know that some of your favorite queens have been public about their love of cannabis? From endorsing cannabis brands, starting their own lines of cannabis products, or even picking marijuana-inspired drag names, many queens have embraced cannabis in the public eye. 

See if one of your favorites made our list! 


Campy, edgy fun is personified in drag star Mackenzie! As a headliner at Massachuset’s Crown & Anchor, they perform at unique shows like Hoedown Brunch, Glow Pop (a glow-in-the-dark pool party), and Zombie Drag Brunch. 

This also includes “Honey I Smoked the Weed,” a 4/20 cannabis-themed drag show. The press release on their Instagram describes the show: “Inspired by the magical and nostalgic world of 90’s films and set against the backdrop of the lush ecosystems of Ptown, follow Mackenzie and her creepy-crawly friends into the micro-verse for the adventure of a lifetime with ‘Honey, I Smoked the Weed.'”

Mackenzie told Edge Media Network that their interest in doing a 4/20 drag show spawned from their experiences as a teenager seeing the popularity of gay bars on 4/20. They recalled, “And when I finally was of age to go, I really just fell in love with the kooky campiness of it all. How they’re kind of no rules.” 

Mackenzie has been doing “Honey I Smoked the Weed” for years now, bringing drag and cannabis together in Provincetown, MA!

Shea Coulee 

Shea Coulee has become a household name among drag fans. As a star of RuPaul’s Drag Race (they placed in the top 4 for Season 9 and won Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars), Shea Coulee is a master of their craft and a fan favorite. 

What some fans may not know about, however, is their involvement in cannabis products and activism. In 2022, Coulee collaborated with the brand Green Monke on a line of CBD sodas. They told Thrillist that the collaboration was born out of a desire to avoid the hangover that comes with alcoholic beverages: “Once I started to look for alternative ways to relax and decompress that didn’t necessarily involve a hangover the next day, that’s when I really got into cannabis drinks.” 

Even cooler? The collaboration also involved Our Academy, a non-profit whose work includes supporting Black business owners in cannabis. Coulee explained, “There are so many Black incarcerated individuals due to the war on drugs … This is an opportunity to help build equity for a lot of the people that built the infrastructure for this industry that others are now benefitting from.”

From business to philanthropy, it’s incredible to see what this queen has done in the cannabis space. 

Laganga Estranga 

Beyond competing on the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she is also a choreographer who has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance and has worked with artists such as Miley Cyrus. 

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With a name like Laganga Estranga, it’s no surprise that this drag queen is vocal in her use of cannabis. But her relationship to her namesake goes beyond casual enjoyment and into the world of political advocacy. 

The “Cannabis” section of her website explains that she is a “cannabis rights activist” who “has hosted numerous conversations on cannabis legalization” and has also been featured on the cover of Dope Magazine, making her the first LGBTQ advocate to be a cover star of a cannabis magazine. 


Though she is not a Drag Race contestant like some of the queens on our list, Sabbyiana has created a dedicated fanbase for herself. Based in Los Angeles, she has won several drag contests and performs regularly at crowd-favorite shows. 

Perhaps her most unique accolade, however, is being crowned the Queen of Emerald Village West Hollywood in 2023, making her the “cannabis drag ambassador.” She competed against several other queens for the role and came out on top, allowing her to headline several special events, including hosting events, smoke sessions, and other appearances for Emerald Village West Hollywood.

The title is especially important to Sabbyiana because of her personal experiences with the benefits of cannabis. She explained, “I want to share my love of cannabis & how it really benefits me during my menstrual cycle … I absolutely love how cannabis can soothe my monthly pains. I have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), and it really takes over my body. There are times when I have to get ready for a show but I am in excruciating pain, and cannabis improved my symptoms to get me through the night.” 

It’s incredible to see this queen use her platform and title to speak openly about how cannabis has helped her!

Monet X Change 

Another queen who has spoken out about the benefits of cannabis is Monet X Change. Best known for her work on RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she competed in the tenth season and also won the fourth season of All Stars, Monet X Change has made an incredible stamp on the drag community. 

This includes using her voice to speak candidly about cannabis. She told Forbes that she is an advocate for cannabis legalization despite the stigma: “I want to encourage people to not be ashamed or afraid of cannabis use. There is still a little bit of stigma around it. It is getting there, it is changing, but there is a bit of stigma.”

In explaining her advocacy, she spoke about both the political ramifications of cannabis legalization, as well as the personal benefits, referencing recreational and medicinal uses such as anxiety relief and pain relief. 

These thoughts came to action for Monet X Change in the form of her collaboration with Kiva Confections, a brand of edibles that has donated to GLAAD and Black Queer Town Hall. 

More Queens of Cannabis

Of course, we know that this is only a handful of the queens who use and appreciate cannabis. As more queens make their debuts and enter shows and competitions, new generations can bring cannabis to the drag space for fans to see. We’re excited to see how cannabis advocacy continues to grow and expand within this community. 

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