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Minnesotans Line Up for Freshly Legal Hemp-Derived THC

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

August 5, 2022 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Minnesotans Line Up for Freshly Legal Hemp-Derived THC

Some cannabis dispensaries across the United States are struggling to stay in business. Meanwhile, cannabis storefronts selling hemp-derived THC in other states are having to halt online orders in order to keep up with the volume of sales coming in. Navigating the cannabis industry can be a very tricky task. When floating on the sea of green, one must constantly be ready for change.

A new law recently kicked in for Minnesota that effectively allows adults 21 years of age and up the right to purchase THC products. The stipulation? These THC products must be derived from hemp rather than cannabis. The law allows beverages and edibles containing no more than 5 milligrams of hemp-derived THC per serving to be sold at retail locations across the state.

This odd move demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the cannabis industry among state lawmakers. According to Politico, State Sen. Jim Abeler revealed his confusion about the legislation following the vote on it, stating that he “thought the provision would only legalize Delta-8 THC products, which were already widely sold in Minnesota.” “I thought we were doing a technical fix, and it winded up having a broader impact than I expected,” he told the Star Tribune.

As expected, residents of Minnesota—where a majority of registered voters support recreational cannabis legalization—are flocking to storefronts that sell these new intoxicating products to the point that businesses are struggling to keep up with demand. As Minnesota lawmakers have likely figured out by now, THC is THC whether it’s derived from hemp or cannabis. Thanks to cultivation technology, there’s no actual way to tell the difference between hemp-derived and cannabis-derived THC as long as the percentages are dialed in properly.

The Constant Fight for Cannabis

While residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes get to celebrate a win at the moment, the state’s lack of willingness to properly legalize cannabis as the people wish demonstrates a continuing misunderstanding of the plant. Sadly, the same kind of ignorant ideology about cannabis is still pervasive all around the nation.

Recently, an Alabama senator named Larry Stutts introduced a bill that would amend Alabama’s state medical marijuana law. The proposed bill would require women between 25 and 50 years old to provide “a negative pregnancy test either from her physician or documentation from a certified medical lab that has been ordered by a physician licensed in Alabama. The documentation must be dated within 48 hours of purchase before she may purchase any medical cannabis except in the capacity as a registered caregiver.” The bill also restricts breastfeeding women from purchasing medical cannabis.

Lawmakers are toying with the nation when it comes to cannabis legalization. They are either taxing it so heavily that the illicit market continues to thrive, or they refuse to legalize it so they can continue controlling constituents and profiting off of prisoners. Cannabis prohibition was built on a foundation of discrimination and control.

There is enough scientific research to support cannabis as a medicine. Beyond that, adults in America should have the right to choose the substances they put in their bodies, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. Just imagine if people had legal access to THC everywhere in America and beyond. Oh, what a wonderful world it could be.

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