marijuana vs. alcohol

Is Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol?

If you drink alcohol and/or smoke marijuana, at some point someone must have asked you (or you have asked yourself) “which one is worse for your health?” If you did not know the answer to this question, we’ll try to clear things up. Patient Resources: […]

H Street DC

|vTV 005| H Street Festival 2018

H Street Festival is one of the most anticipated and highly attended single day festivals in Washington D.C. The festival is 11 blocks long and has 14 staging areas that are diversely themed and programmed to target the different segments of audiences. The staging areas […]

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational

Why should you get your Medical Marijuana Card?

People have been asking why should I get my Medical Marijuana Card when I can just buy weed in the streets or from my neighbor? Well, there are a ton of good reason why! Here are just 3 reasons why you should get your medical […]