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A Cannabis Sommelier’s Guide to Strain & Munchie Pairing

The Veriheal Squad

by The Veriheal Squad

April 19, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Fact checked by Emily Mullins
A Cannabis Sommelier’s Guide to Strain & Munchie Pairing

Everyone knows that wine and food pair together in a huge variety of excellent combinations–for example, red wine and dark meats are a match made in heaven. But did you know that you can do the same with cannabis and food? The various terpenes and flavor profiles of different strains can integrate with assorted dishes to make for an exquisite culinary experience to enjoy yourself or share with others. 

Cannabis dining is exploding in popularity as marijuana gains legal status around the nation, and restaurants are opening up that allow consumers to indulge in cannabis-infused dishes or smoke while eating. The trick is to pair specific strains with complementary foods–otherwise, you risk overpowering your meal or losing the cannabis flavor altogether. 

Whether you prefer heavy, savory Indicas or light and fruity Sativas, there’s sure to be a weed and food pairing that suits your fancy. Try out one of our hand-crafted fusions below to make your 4/20 celebrations something truly special. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert cannabis sommelier. 

Additionally, be sure to check out our tips for combining food and cannabis to create your own tasty, unique pairings! 

5 Munchie & Strain Pairings for An Elevated Experience

Granddaddy Purple and Charcuterie

Granddaddy Purple is known for its heavy grape and berry flavor and aroma, creating total harmony with the various sharp, buttery, and delicate tastes of different cheeses. It also goes together with other elements of charcuterie boards, such as fig jam, apples, grapes, and assorted berries. Whether you’re on a cute picnic date or creating a spread for friends and family, be sure to include some Grandaddy Purple on the side for a well-rounded and tasty experience. 

Do-Si-Dos and Caesar Salad

This one’s for the girlies! Do-Si-Dos is a citrusy, uplifting strain that amplifies the freshness of any salad. The limonene sharpness of the strain and the Caesar dressing of the salad add up to give a tangy, bright, and refreshing experience. If you want to match cannabis and food in a healthy way, this is the pairing for you. 

Durban Poison and Creme Brulee 

Durban Poison is a highly potent strain with notes of earth, pine, and spice. Many people compare taking a hit of Durban Poison to taking a shot of espresso or chai, and it has a strong kick that will activate your taste buds and leave them tingling. Its spicy tang pairs beautifully with sweet confections like creme brulee. For the perfect post-meal dessert, skip the coffee and wake yourself up instead with Durban Poison and this luscious, creamy treat. 

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Garlic Breath and Lasagna 

Garlic Breath is funky and pungent, cheesy and savory. Combined with the robust flavors of lasagna, this pairing is a match made in culinary heaven. Don’t forget your side of garlic bread for a truly out-of-this-world dinner! We recommend indulging in this pairing while watching an artsy romance film and confessing something intimate by candlelight. 

Vanilla Kush and Espresso

The perfect after-dinner treat: combine the rich and warm flavors of espresso with the sweet and creamy notes of Vanilla Kush and unlock a light-hearted and powerful duo. While espresso is an obvious pick-me-up, Vanilla Kush is a sedative indica strain. Combining the two will result in a balanced energy – alert yet totally relaxed. This pairing lends itself well to sunlit mornings on a balcony or chill vacation afternoons when you’re taking a break from activities. 

Tips for Combining Weed and Food: 

Understanding the different flavor profiles of weed strains is key to ensuring that you match them well with various foods and snacks. However, don’t fret–you don’t have to become an expert right away. Trying out combinations to see what you enjoy the most is part of the fun. 

To get you started, we’ve gathered a few of the top ways to merge food and cannabis so you can create magic right from the get-go. 

First, we recommend checking out our guide to terpenes. Having this basic knowledge will go a long way in helping you match foods like a pro. For example, terpenes like myrcene are sweet and citrusy, while limonene is more sour and tangy. After you determine what kind of flavor you’re going for, you can pick out strains that contain your terpene of choice. 

Once you have your ideal strain picked out, consider the dominant aromas. Is it hearty and skunky, or piney and fruity? Heavy strains with diesel or sour notes match well with hearty dishes like pasta. On the other hand, light and spicy strains will work with fruits and vegetables. 

Finally, consider the occasion. If you’re serving a multi-course meal, choose Sativa strains to keep people energized and focused throughout the experience. If you’re relaxing at home with a tasty dessert, an Indica will help you chill out and enjoy the various sweet flavors of your food. 

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