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Terpene Spotlight: Enjoying the Many Benefits of Limonene

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

July 27, 2020 04:44 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Terpene Spotlight: Enjoying the Many Benefits of Limonene

When a lot of people think about Cannabis’s benefits, their thoughts turn towards THC and CBD. These are some of the most common cannabinoids found in Cannabis. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol and there are several different varieties of THC such as Delta 8 and Delta 9. CBD is known as the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. It can be found in all kinds of products these days and is sold in the legal market in many places.

But cannabis is more than just cannabinoids. Terpenes play a pivotal role in how Cannabis works, as well as how we perceive it. Terpenes are responsible for the flavor and aroma found in Cannabis, as well as all other plants, vegetables, fruits, and more. Limonene, myrcene, eucalyptol, caryophyllene, linalool, terpineol, and pinene are some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis strains.

Limonene is a terpene that is also produced in citrus fruit peels that is also found in Cannabis. The terpene limonene has an aroma of orange and lemon. It can be commonly found in cannabis strains such as Trainwreck, Durban Poison, Bruce Banner, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, just to name a few.

Potential Benefits of Limonene

This fascinating terpene holds a wide array of potentials. Some of the potential benefits of Limonene are as follows: 

  •         Antimicrobial
  •         Antifungal
  •         Anti-inflammatory
  •         Stress relief
  •         Nausea relief
  •         Pain relief
  •         Appetite suppression
  •         Antidepressant
  •         Anticarcinogenic

Studies on mice using Limonene showed it was bioavailable in mammary tissue after topical exposure of orange oil. This terpene is also readily available in citrus fruit such as lemons, limes, and oranges.

WebMD says that “Limonene is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants. It is used to make medicine. Limonene is used for obesity, cancer, and bronchitis, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.” However, if you head over to the NCBI, you can find loads of research and evidence that would beg to differ.

Benefits of Limonene Terpene

Science Supports the Benefits of Limonene

The NCBI has studies that state things such as the following in regard to the benefits and uses of Limonene;

Limonene, (+/-)- is a racemic mixture of Limonene, a natural cyclic monoterpene and a major component of the oil extracted from the citrus rind with chemo-preventive and antitumor activities. The metabolites of DL-limonene, perillic acid, dihydroperillic acid, uroterpenol, and limonene 1,2-diol are suggested to inhibit tumor growth through inhibition of p21-dependent signaling, induce apoptosis via the induction of the transforming growth factor beta signaling pathway, inhibit post-translational modification of signal transduction proteins, resulting in G1 cell cycle arrest as well as cause differential expression of cell cycle- and apoptosis-related genes.”

Terpenes Could Increase Cannabinoid Absorption

Terpenes could also potentially play a role in how our bodies absorb cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Many different articles circulating throughout the cannabis community suggest that terpenes can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cannabinoids like THC. This would mean that Cannabis with a low terpene percentage may not be as effective as cannabis with a higher terpene concentration.

A higher terpene level would also typically mean more flavor. Terpenes could also be responsible for making some people feel anxious when consuming Cannabis. A lot of allergic reactions that take place in society stem from terpenes. If you are allergic to lemons, you would want to stay away from Cannabis containing Limonene.

Cannabinoid science and research are continually advancing. As legalization progresses, information pertaining to this widely misunderstood plant will advance with it, including the knowledge and prevalence of things such as terpenes!

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