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Austin’s Cannabis Decriminalization, Vancouver’s Magic Mushroom Shops, & One Woman’s MMJ Story

Cesar Gallegos

by Cesar Gallegos

May 13, 2022 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes

Austin decriminalized cannabis possession, Vancouver is now home to some not-so-legal magic mushroom shops, and a British woman shared her life-changing medical marijuana journey.

Let’s dive into this week’s cannanews.

Austin Voters Pass Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

Voters in Austin, Texas, have approved Proposition A, a ballot measure that decriminalizes cannabis possession and bans no-knock warrants. The measure passed with the overwhelming support of 85% of the city’s voters.

Once the measure is codified into law, Austin police will be barred from ticketing or arresting individuals for low-level cannabis possession. However, the bill does have one exception. Police will still be able to seize an individual’s cannabis if the arrest or citation is part of a larger, more serious investigation.

It should be noted that Proposition A is not a significant change from the existing Austin Police Department policy. In 2020, the city’s council passed a resolution to end misdemeanor cannabis arrests. The recently passed measure does, however, officially make this 2020 resolution law.

Proposition A also marks the end of no-knock warrants in the city. Austin police will now have to wait at least 15 seconds in addition to making their presence known before executing a search warrant. Austin’s police union notably opposed the no-knock warrant ban.

Vancouver’s Psilocybin ‘Gray Market’ Is Growing Quickly

Magic mushrooms are, for all intents and purposes, illegal in Canada. Yet this hasn’t stopped Vancouver from becoming home to a blossoming magic mushroom market.

“There’s not a strong resistance to people doing this kind of stuff. If you’re like me, and you’re willing to take a risk and kind of push it forward, you find the resistance isn’t very strong,” said Dana Larsen, owner of four of Vancouver’s illicit psilocybin shops.

Larsen, and others involved in Vancouver’s mushroom gray market, are part of a growing movement to pressure Canada to legalize psychedelics. However, city officials have other ideas. According to the Vancouver Sun, the city has issued a warning to Larsen and others to “cease illegal activities.”

What do you think of Vancouver’s psilocybin gray market? Do you think Larsen and other shop owners’ efforts can convince Canada to change its mind? Let us know in the comments!

Woman Shares How Medical Cannabis Helped Her Reclaim Her Life

A new article published in The Guardian is giving readers a look at how medical marijuana is helping people improve their everyday lives.

The article documents the story of Bristol, England’s Andrea Wright, a 39-year-old woman who was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. Wright reveals how these long-term conditions resulted in her experiencing constant pain all over her body. Wright’s pain got so bad that she had to retire from her job at the National Grid at the age of 33.

“I had to stop work because the pain was too much. It’s been very depressing; I really enjoyed my job. I tried so many different therapies and managed to get my arthritis under control but for fibromyalgia, there isn’t anything, no magical pill,” Wright told The Guardian.

At one point, Wright said she was taking upwards of 40 pills a day—until she was recruited to take part in a medical cannabis study run by a private London clinic.

“Straight away my sleep was a million times better. I probably hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep since 2012. I stopped taking any sleeping pills. My pain levels have completely dropped as well,” continued Wright.

With the help of medical cannabis, Wright was able to rejoin the workforce as an operations manager. “I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now if it wasn’t for medical cannabis. It’s been life-changing.”

Wright is just one of many individuals who have gotten their lives back on track thanks to medical cannabis. Make an appointment with a state-licensed MMJ doctor today to get started on your own journey.

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