Cannabis Industry Seed to Sale Tracking Explained

April 16, 2020 10:17 am ET
Cannabis Industry Seed to Sale Tracking Explained

Seed to sale tracking is a very valuable tool in the cannabis industry. As most know, the cannabis sector is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. There are many things that cultivators, processors, distributors, and storefronts must do to stay in compliance with state laws. Seed to sale tracking software helps these entities to do this almost seamlessly. Seed to sale tracking is precisely what it suggests. It is tracking software that allows plants to be tracked from seed throughout cultivation, processing all the way to the point of sale in which it reaches a consumer’s hands.

Throughout the United States at this time, 33 states have legalized medical cannabis programs, with 11 of them also regulating a market for adult retail consumers of cannabis. Some of these states require the use of seed to sale tracking throughout their entire program. Others, however, do not require it, but within these states, many cannabis businesses have chosen to implement the use of seed to sale tracking as it helps them to stay compliant with local and state laws.

The Diversity of Features in Seed to Sale Tracking Software

Just like cannabis is very diverse, so are the features offered by various seed to sale tracking software. While some will track the basics such as purchase limits, patient ID numbers, inventory, and help you stay in compliance, others are very versatile and can help with everything from invoice reminders, quality tracking, future sales projections, customer insights, and much more. Some are also integrated with things such as loyalty and reward programs as well as coupon and promotion features. Others offered the ability to integrate with state systems for compliance reporting, and some can even help with partnership building and team management.

Helping Businesses Stay Compliant in 7 Key Areas

One of the most significant benefits of implementing seed to sale tracking for cannabis businesses is its diversity in helping to keep businesses compliant in various areas. Almost every seed to sale tracking software offers the ability to protect the cannabis industry and businesses operating within it at seven various stages. These include cultivation, harvest, testing, transportation, point-of-sale, patient identification, and verification, as well as real-time data portals.

Majority of States Require Seed to Sale Tracking Software

According to reports from late 2018 at that time, 21 states required seed-to-sale tracking. At this time, one of the most highly trusted regulatory cannabis systems in the United States is currently operational in 14 states as well as Washington DC. Among those states are Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, Missouri, and Montana. However, with dozens of seed to sale software providers in the market today, you can find this technology in every state that has legalized a medical or recreational cannabis market. While some do not require this technology, many do, and because of the various benefits that they offer, even when they are not required, they are still highly sought after and widely implemented.

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