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Finding Trusted CBD Brands and Avoiding “Snake Oil” Products

Heather Dagley

by Heather Dagley

December 9, 2021 03:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Finding Trusted CBD Brands and Avoiding “Snake Oil” Products

CBD can be a great wellness tool for many people. When we look at the scientific benefits of CBD, we can see that CBD is a molecule that can help us stabilize endocannabinoid tone, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. So much benefit from one medicine!

However, because CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, consumers do have to be cautious and thoughtful when they purchase it. Why? Because not all CBD products are created alike. While there are great quality-conscious manufacturers out there, there are others that are less concerned with product quality and consumer safety and more concerned about raking in the profits with cheap sourcing and high prices.

So when you’re purchasing CBD, how can you ensure that you’re getting the good stuff?

Buy From a Brand You Trust

As simple as it might sound, the trick to purchasing good CBD is buying from a brand that you trust. Just like the supplements marketplace, which is not regulated by the FDA, the CBD marketplace requires that consumers align themselves with specific brands or company names that they have tried before, found benefits from, and have grown to trust.

As people start shopping for, buying, and trying CBD, they can essentially filter through brands and—over time—create a list of trusted brands they can return to again and again. This process of filtering through brands doesn’t need to be done in a vacuum; the great news is that you can crowdsource information from others in the cannabis community!

As you speak with others who consume CBD, ask a few questions about what brands they use and why. You can also look for lists of approved brands by cannabis education companies, cannabis doctors, and cannabis coaches. Pay attention when shopping for CBD, ask lots of questions of everyone around you (including CBD sellers), and be sure to spread the good word when you have found the CBD brands that you like and trust.

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Look for Third-Party Testing

When shopping for CBD, another way to avoid “snake oil”—or fraudulent—products is to verify that the CBD you are purchasing has been third-party tested. Third-party testing is when a company has hired an outside lab to test and review their products rather than conducting in-house testing that could be biased. It confirms that the contents include what they say they do and that there are no contaminants present (mold, heavy metals, or pesticides).

A good third-party test, reported on a Certificate of Analysis (COA), ensures that an outside professional review was conducted on the final product. A third-party test allows consumers to consume their CBD with confidence. Reputable CBD brands will often have these tests accessible from their website or from a QR code directly on the product package.

Pay Attention to Your Body’s Response

Once you have done your homework and purchased a third-party tested brand that you trust, the last step is to monitor how the product feels in your body. Even among high-quality CBD products, there can be variations in how differing products make you feel. With numerous extraction methods, carrier bases, potencies, and manufacturing processes available on the market today, one CBD product may produce a better result for you than another.

As you explore with different brands, a great way to keep track of your preferences is to keep a CBD dosing journal. As you try new products, you can record the details of intake (when, how, and how much). Then, you can record how you feel after using that particular product with consistency (consider energy, pain, anxiety, sleep, and symptom levels). Over time, you will become aware of what your body prefers in terms of cannabinoid profile, carrier base, manufacturer, potency, and more.

When you start a new CBD regimen, ask yourself, “Is this CBD helping me? Is this CBD allowing me to reach my health and energetic goals? Does this CBD help to improve my baseline experience?” Based on your experience, you can decide to tweak your CBD wellness routine as needed until you have achieved optimal results.

Along the course of your journey, it’s all about combining good information, positive intention, and then tapping into your internal intuition to find the brands, products, and CBD strategies that work best for you. With an open mind, some self-experimentation, and personal research, you can find the CBD approach that is well suited to your lifestyle.

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Is CBD hemp or cannabis better or more effective?


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