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Fast Acting Edibles Are Changing the Game During the Pandemic

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

September 3, 2020 04:44 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Fast Acting Edibles Are Changing the Game During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is a very confusing time for many people. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, but wait, there’s a concert going on. Use this hand sanitizer, not that hand sanitizer. With so many people barking orders and suggestions on how we should live our lives, it is a confusing time trying to decipher what actually holds true. One place that you typically can’t go wrong or find yourself being let down is regarding cannabis and consuming it during the COVID-19 pandemic at hand. Some people are saying that smoking cannabis or anything for that matter, increases your risk of contracting COVID-19 and having complications. What is actually true, we may never know. What we do know is that during COVID-19, people are absolutely not going to stop consuming cannabis at the recommendation of individuals who don’t know whether we should even be wearing masks or not. Thankfully if you’re concerned about smoking cannabis during this time, there’s more than one way to consume this incredible plant. Let’s explore a new edible trend that’s hitting the market.

Try a Wake and Cake vs. a Wake and Bake

Instead of a wake and bake or an end-of-the-evening sesh with a joint or bowl, you can start your day with a wake and cake. Try having a cup of your favorite morning beverage with a little bit of cannabis-infused cake. Or end your day with a sweet treat like cannabis-infused ice cream. You can even medicate midday with a little munch and lunch, incorporating a cannabis-infused snack into that 12 o’clock midday meal.

Meet 11 Hydroxy THC – The Key to How Edibles Work

However, don’t just start consuming any amount of cannabis-infused edibles. It is very important that you understand how cannabis-infused edibles work. They have a different function to them than smoking cannabis. When we consume cannabis via inhalation THC, also known as delta-9 THC, is distributed to the bloodstream via the lungs. When we eat cannabis in the form of edibles, it is not processed by our lungs. Instead, it is processed by our liver. When cannabis or THC in particular, hits the liver, delta-9 THC changes into a different compound and becomes 11 hydroxy THC. This form of THC is said to have a much more intense psychoactive effect then delta-9 THC. This means even though you might be able to smoke like a champ, eating edibles may just make you reevaluate what your tolerance level is.

Low and Slow is The Way to Go

For this reason, when anyone decides to give cannabis-infused edibles a try vs. smoking or vaping, regardless of whether it’s during COVID-19 or not, they should start slow. Most people recommend starting with a very small portion with most suggestions coming in around 5 or 10 mg. The next part is key. It is absolutely essential that you wait a full 2 hours to see how it affects you before consuming more. You may find this is all you need to achieve the feeling you’re after. Or you might find that you need to consume a little, or possibly a lot more. Once you figure out where your comfort zone is, you will be able to achieve the desired effect.

A New Kind of Edible That Hits You Quick! 

Luckily, for those that prefer edibles over inhalation, there are a few companies that have evolved and are now offering fast-acting edibles that offer short onset periods for effects eliminating the need to wait hours before reaping the benefits of cannabinoids. Many people who consume cannabis-infused edibles throughout the day are able to function perfectly normally and go about their daily routines. This might not be the case though should they eat 100 mg first thing in the morning. The way we consume cannabis-infused edibles plays a pivotal role in how they affect us, and just like everything else cannabis, it affects everyone differently. Being able to consume fast-acting edibles as microdoses throughout the day could potentially improve the way that millions of patients medicate.

The fast-acting aspect of these edibles is obtained through nano emulsification. To learn more about these products check out the companies below.

Making the Switch

The biggest benefit of making the switch to cannabis-infused edibles during the COVID-19 pandemic would be not sharing a joint, bowl, or bong with someone else. Also, any form of smoking can make you more susceptible to complications from any other illness. With that in mind, many people are still going to smoke. In an August 11th, 2020 article released by, author Allie Volp dove into how cannabis could potentially help or harm people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cannabis community is being encouraged to take a different approach to their typical sesh. Instead of smoking together by congregating in a group to pass around doobies, bowls, and bongs, cannabis consumers should utilize technology and have virtual group seshes to help discourage the spread of the virus.

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