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Using Cannabis Grow Tents to Succeed in Indoor Cultivation

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

May 27, 2021 10:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Using Cannabis Grow Tents to Succeed in Indoor Cultivation

Cannabis legalization is in full swing across America. Recent polls from Gallup show support for cannabis legalization at an all-time high in America, coming in at 68% in favor of legalization. Cannabis dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular and more of the norm these days. Many places offer medical cannabis, and a handful or so even have adult retail markets in place.

Regardless of whether or not it is retail or medicinal cannabis, one thing is for sure and that is that you are definitely going to pay for it in the form of cold hard cash. Many people believe that cannabis legalization would help bring prices down, making cannabis more affordable for everyone. Sadly, this is not the case. In most cases, it just as expensive or even costs more after legalization thanks to taxes. That’s because cannabis legalization is not taking place with the health and well-being of people in mind. It’s happening with profit in mind.

Hence why it is the heaviest taxed so-called legal industry in America. Keeping all of this in mind, if you have a love for green but find yourself running short on the required green to buy it, you may want to try growing your own. Growing your own cannabis plants can be intimidating, especially when you first start out. Cannabis grow tents are becoming an increasingly popular way for amateur, novice, and professional growers to cultivate cannabis indoors in a controlled environment. They are also an affordable option compared to pricey grow buildings, construction of additional rooms, or conversion of existing spaces.

Cue in Grow Tents for the Win

Grow tents come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate a multitude of different spaces and growing conditions. They range from small to large all the way to almost ginormous. You can find a grow tent that will fit in the corner of your room, a closet, or one that can fill up an entire basement or spare room. Grow tents require a few items for them to cultivate success.

Replicating a Natural Environment Requires Options

You have to keep in mind that you are replicating the outdoor environment where a cannabis plant thrives when growing in a tent. Cannabis grow tents are much different than the tent you would go camping in. The zippers are double-lined with blackout barriers behind them. They have multiple access points that are closable to help you to find the best configuration for placing your fresh air intake and exhaust fans. They are also made of much thicker material to keep smells in and external light sources and pests out.

Lights and Nutrients Must be Supplemented and Can be Done With Ease

Many growers choose the route of utilizing full spectrum LED grow lights inside of grow tents. They do this to help manage temperatures while providing plants with a healthy amount of light at the same time. Unlike growing outdoors in the ground, you will also need to make sure that you use nutrients when using a cannabis grow tent. Your root system only has as far as your planter to go in search of food. This means you need to keep the soil healthy and packed with the necessary nutrients to accelerate your cannabis plants’ growth.

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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Breaking Down the Cost of Cultivating in a Grow Tent

On average, you can score a 4ftx4ftx80in cannabis grow tent through online channels such as Amazon for around $125. Exhaust fans range from $40 upwards of a couple of hundred dollars, depending on the brand you choose.

You will need to choose what type of lighting you want to run with as well. Many people opt for full-spectrum lighting, which would run you around $125 or up for a tent this size. Throw in a clip fan for approximately $15 to $20 and a dehumidifier, and you’re good to go. A good dehumidifier will set you back somewhere in the area of around $150, but they are worth their weight in gold.

You can find CO2 grow bags to help your plants have a healthy environment inside their tent for an average of $30 for a 9-month supply. Planters vary in price but average about $25 for 12 of them. Three bags of quality potting soil runs an average of $60. So, after around a $500 investment, you should have pretty much everything you need to start cultivating cannabis in a grow tent successfully.

The only thing left for you to do now is getting your hands-on seeds or clones. Clones are a very efficient way to utilize grow space and are also an excellent way for amateur growers to get a feel for cultivating cannabis. In states with legal access to cannabis and growing cannabis at home, clones are usually readily available at local dispensaries with price tags ranging from $10 to $50 each depending on various factors.

The Quality is in Your Hands

Between both my husband and me, we can personally fill our grow tent at home with 12 plants. It runs us $300 in clones to do this. On average, a 4×4 cannabis grow tent has the potential to produce 500 to 800 grams or more per harvest. If you put a value of $5 a gram on the cannabis you grow, at 500 g, that would be $2,500 or $4,000 at 800 g. If you purchase cannabis from a dispensary, then you already know the quality you get for $5 a gram if you can find it.

The quality of your potential to produce on your own is impeccable in comparison. A grow tent will pay for itself in no time at all. Usually, this is accomplished with the first grow. Cannabis got the nickname weed because, quite frankly, it grows like one. I love growing my own at home and find it very therapeutic. There’s just something awesome about knowing what went into your grow. Medicine grown with love truly shows compared to medicine produced under conditions of mass calendar-based grows. For more information on how to grow cannabis for beginners, check out our article here.

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