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How Cannabis Users Can Prepare Ahead of an Economic Recession

April 22, 2020 12:36 pm ET

The world is on the verge of recession. Thanks to the pandemic, many nations’ economies have shut down. Many of us are without jobs or on an indefinite leave of absence. And there’s no timeline. We don’t know when this situation will end.

In short, we have to accept that we might be here for a while. In many ways, we know how to prepare. We know to stock our pantries as well as we can. We know to make sure that we have soap and disinfectant on hand. People are learning to sew their own face masks to protect themselves when they have to go out.

But what can cannabis users do as a major recession looms? How can we be prepared to weather the storm? Below are some helpful disaster prep and survival ideas for cannabis users.

Become a Grower

If your budget has tightened, as many people have, you might not be in a position to continue to buy a supply of cannabis. Fortunately, there’s a basic way to alleviate that issue.

A cannabis plant is essentially a one-time investment, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. There’s never been a more opportune time to become a grower than right now. And, as an added benefit, you’re stuck in the house, so it’s a great time to acquaint yourself with the needs of the cannabis plant. Tend your plant carefully and it will deliver everything you need, sparing you the expense of having to purchase your own supply and the inconvenience of going out of the house.

Before you begin a journey as a grower, make sure you explore your state’s laws about cannabis cultivation, as different states place different restrictions on how many plants you can have. Don’t assume that just because cannabis is legal in your state you can have as many plants as you want. It’s vital to know the details of the law.

Learn How to Stretch Your Stash

If you’re not able to acquire cannabis as often as you ordinarily would, don’t despair—you may not have been getting as much out of your supply as you could.

Check out some of these tips to extend your cannabis stash. Also, carefully follow the dosing instructions on any edibles you might be consuming. It’s common to eat more than is necessary because edibles take so long to kick in. But if you give them time to work, you may come to find that you need less than you thought you did.

Become Part of a Barter Economy

If you need to resupply and can’t afford to do so, trading with a friend might be the best option. The cannabis community is a supportive one, and people are often willing to help one another out. Perhaps you have a friend for whom going out to the store is especially difficult right now—would they be willing to offer a little flower in exchange for you running their errands for them? Or perhaps you are the friend who has cannabis to spare, and you can trade it for essential, hard to obtain goods like toilet paper!

A barter economy has always been part of recessions and depressions—don’t hesitate to create your own among your friends and family. 

Join A Community

Do you have other cannabis-positive people in your life? If not, now is the perfect time to seek out a community. You can ask questions, get ideas, and meet like-minded new friends as we all weather the storm together. We invite you to visit the Veriheal community on Facebook and join up with us. We’re always excited to welcome new voices into the mix!

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Beau R Whitney says:

I have a much different take on cannabis in a recession. Demand will hold up quite nicely based on my research. I do not see the need to go to any extraordinary measures.


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