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Is Weed Legal in Virginia? All Marijuana Rules in Virginia Decoded

Kenneth Bancale

by Kenneth Bancale

February 11, 2024 02:51 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 9 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
Is Weed Legal in Virginia? All Marijuana Rules in Virginia Decoded

As Virginia approaches a new era with the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the topic has sparked widespread interest and debate. This significant shift offers new freedoms for adults and raises questions about responsible consumption and its impact on communities. Recreational marijuana, when used in moderation, has been noted for its ability to alleviate stress and offer relaxation, highlighting its potential benefits beyond medical applications. Recent developments have seen Virginia preparing to roll out licenses for marijuana shops by July 1, 2024, a move towards a regulated market aiming to ensure product safety and quality. Amidst these changes, there’s a keen focus on the implications of legalization, from the crackdown on illegal sales to ensuring equitable access across the state.

So, is weed legal in Virginia? Yes! And as the landscape evolves, staying informed and navigating the legalities of recreational marijuana use is crucial. Veriheal stands at the forefront of this transition, offering guidance and support to those looking to explore the benefits of marijuana within Virginia’s legal framework. Our services provide a bridge to understanding the new laws, finding licensed Virginia weed dispensaries, and making informed choices about cannabis use. Join us as we enter this new chapter of Virginia’s history, ensuring a safe, informed, and enjoyable experience for all.

Is Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Changing legislation has many wondering — is marijuana legal in Virginia?  Yes, marijuana is legal in Virginia for both medical and recreational use.  Virginia’s new recreational cannabis program, which starts rolling out licenses to sell weed on July 1, 2024, means the state is getting ready to open up shops where you can buy marijuana legally in accordance with Virginia weed laws.

In Virginia, individuals are permitted to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and cultivate up to four plants per household, with guidelines ensuring these plants are labeled with the grower’s name and ID number and kept away from public view. This regulation underscores Virginia’s commitment to responsible usage and the privacy of its residents. However, the sale or purchase of marijuana through unlicensed channels is strictly prohibited, emphasizing the state’s efforts to control the safety and quality of cannabis products through a regulated market set to open licensed dispensaries by 2024, as mandated by Virginia weed laws.

The legal age for marijuana consumption aligns with many other states, set at 21 years old. Virginia’s government, led by figures like Governor Ralph Northam, has voiced a strong commitment to fairness and equity in the cannabis market. Northam has particularly noted the importance of addressing the historical injustices associated with marijuana prohibition, stating,

This is not only a major step forward in ending the prohibition of marijuana in Virginia but also in addressing the disparities in enforcement of marijuana laws and investing in the communities most impacted by them.

This holistic approach to legalization reflects a broader intent to ensure public safety, regulate the market effectively, and acknowledge the social implications of cannabis use within the state.

The stance of Virginia’s government on marijuana is one of cautious progression, reflecting a balanced approach to addressing the complexities of legalization. While the state has taken significant steps towards decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana, it continues to navigate the challenges of regulatory frameworks, public health concerns, and economic implications.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 vs. Delta-10: Which is Legal in Virginia?

When it comes to marijuana and hemp products, there are multiple different types to choose from. In learning how to distinguish Delta-8 vs. Delta-9 vs. Delta-10 THC, it’s important to understand the unique effects and benefits. All of these are forms of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that can make you feel high. But not all THCs are created equal, and, as a result, the law sees them differently — even in Virginia.

Delta-9 THC is the most well-known form and is what’s usually found in marijuana. It’s the one that can give you an intense high. In Virginia, marijuana, including products with Delta-9 THC, is now legal for both recreational and medical use, but there are rules about how much you can have and where you can get it.

Delta-8 THC is like the milder cousin of Delta-9. It’s found in smaller amounts in the cannabis plant and can also be made from hemp. Delta-8 can make you feel relaxed or slightly buzzed but usually doesn’t give you as intense a high as Delta-9. Virginia’s law doesn’t specifically ban Delta-8, meaning it falls into a gray area. However, it’s generally considered legal, primarily since it can be derived from hemp, which is legal federally and in the state.

Delta-10 THC is another variant that’s even less common than Delta-8 and Delta-9. Like Delta-8, it can also be made from hemp and tends to have a milder effect on users. The legal status of Delta-10 in Virginia is similar to that of Delta-8. Since it can be derived from legally grown hemp, Delta-10 is also seen as legal in the state.

In Virginia, all three types of THC have their place, but it’s Delta-9 THC that’s most strictly regulated because of its potent effects. Delta-8 and Delta-10, on the other hand, exist in a more lenient space, mainly because they can be made from hemp, which is legal (thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, which legalized hemp that contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC).

Remember, even though they’re legal, knowing where you’re getting these products from is essential to ensure they meet safety standards and are accurately labeled.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Virginia

With the green light for recreational marijuana in Virginia, the state is on its way to opening doors to dispensaries where adults can legally purchase cannabis. These dispensaries are more than just stores; they’re safe, regulated environments where individuals can explore various cannabis products, from flowers and edibles to oils and tinctures, all tailored to recreational use.

As Virginia gears up to fully embrace the recreational marijuana market, the anticipation grows. The state plans to issue licenses for recreational dispensaries by July 1, 2024, marking a significant step in Virginia’s cannabis journey. This means that while the framework is set, the actual opening of recreational dispensaries is a bit down the road, aiming for a responsible and well-regulated rollout. This prompts the question — are there recreational dispensaries in Virginia? Currently, the answer is not yet. While licenses are planned for issuance by 2024, the actual storefronts for Virginia recreational dispensaries are still in the planning stages.

For medical marijuana cardholders, it’s worth noting that Virginia already has operational dispensaries catering to medical patients. These facilities have laid the groundwork for the quality and safety standards expected in the recreational market. As recreational dispensaries open, they will likely follow similar protocols, ensuring that all products are tested and comply with state regulations. Moreover, Virginia is part of the states that accept out-of-state medical cards, making it convenient for visitors with valid medical marijuana cards from other states to access cannabis products while in Virginia.

Here are some of the few dispensaries with location branches all across Virginia:

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To find more dispensaries, simply visit Veriheal’s database  or updated lists and maps showing locations, contact information, and services offered. These resources are invaluable for staying informed on where and how to legally purchase cannabis in Virginia.

How to Buy Recreational Weed in Virginia?

Buying recreational weed at a Virginia dispensary is on the horizon, with the state setting the stage for a fully legal and regulated cannabis market. Although the official start date for recreational sales is targeted for January 1, 2024, the state is still in the process of granting licenses for adult-use dispensaries in Virginia.

When these dispensaries open, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old to buy recreational weed. This age requirement aligns with the standards set for alcohol and tobacco and is a common benchmark for cannabis laws across the United States. Once sales begin, you’ll be able to visit licensed dispensaries across the state. These dispensaries will offer a variety of cannabis products, including buds (flower), pre-rolled joints, edibles, oils, and more.

When visiting a Virginia recreational dispensary, a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is essential to verify your age. The dispensaries will have knowledgeable staff to help guide your purchase, offering advice on different strains, strengths, and product types based on your preferences and experience level.

Adults will be allowed to purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana at any given time. This limit helps regulate use and ensures that the cannabis market operates within the bounds of the law.

In Virginia, recreational marijuana will be subject to a 21% excise tax plus the standard 5.3% sales tax, so be prepared for these additional costs when making a purchase. Though such a card won’t be necessary for recreational purposes, having a medical marijuana card for Virginia can help you save up to 20-23% on cannabis purchases because registered patients are exempt from excise taxes. Medical cardholders can enjoy higher purchase and possession limits. Veriheal can help navigate the process, from getting approval from a certified cannabis physician to understanding the laws and finding the right Virginia recreational dispensary.

Lastly, while the excitement for legal recreational cannabis grows, it’s crucial to stay informed about the rules and regulations, including where you can legally consume cannabis and the taxes applied to purchases. 

By following these guidelines, Virginians and visitors alike can look forward to enjoying recreational cannabis responsibly, safely, and legally once sales commence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2 grams of weed legal in Virginia?

Yes, 2 grams of weed is legal in Virginia for adults 21 and over, as the state allows possession of up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use.

Is Virginia one of those states allowing recreational weed?

Yes, Virginia allows recreational weed for adults aged 21 and older, making it one of the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Is dab legal in Virginia?

Dabs, a form of concentrated marijuana, are legal in Virginia as part of the broader legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, provided they are within the possession limits.

Is it illegal to smoke weed around a child in Virginia?

It is illegal to smoke weed in a manner that exposes a child to the smoke in Virginia, as laws prohibit smoking marijuana in public spaces and emphasize protecting minors from exposure.

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