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5 Junk Food Dishes for a Festive Solo Thanksgiving

November 24, 2022 08:00 am ET
5 Junk Food Dishes for a Festive Solo Thanksgiving

Whether you live apart from loved ones or simply want a breather from the drama and political debates, spending Thanksgiving alone can actually be a blast—and delicious too. If you’re worried about your lack of turkey-cooking skills, don’t be. All you need is a joint, a cozy holiday film, and a heaping pile of good old American junk food. Here’s how to make a greasy Thanksgiving feast for one that will lift your spirits and satisfy those munchies.

1. Doritos Mac ‘n Cheese

What better comfort food is there than processed cheese mixed with more processed cheese? To start things off, use some Doritos to add some zest to macaroni and cheese, a gooey favorite found at many Thanksgiving meals.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  • Scoop out the mac & cheese into a mixing bowl. Crush up the Doritos with your hands and sprinkle them on top of the mac & cheese. Mix together.

2. Chicken Nugget ‘Turkey’

Why spend hours tending to a needy turkey when you could just pile a bunch of fried chicken into the shape of a turkey? To throw together the fastest holiday entree known to man, you’ll need to make stops at KFC and McDonald’s.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  • Sculpt the potatoes into a turkey-esque mound. Arrange the chicken nuggets all over the potato mound until the mound is fully covered. Place the KFC drumsticks at the back of the mound to mimic turkey legs, and place the KFC chicken wings near the front to mimic turkey wings. Pour the gravy on top of everything and dig in.

3. Cheeseburger Slider Casserole

Everyone has their opinion on White Castle burgers, but one thing’s for sure: They can make a mean casserole. Skip the green beans this year and put together a yummy dish of burger, tater tots, bread, and noodles.

What you’ll need:

  • 5 White Castle Cheese Sliders (frozen or fresh)
  • 2 cans of chicken noodle soup
  • 1 large order of Sonic Tots
  • A casserole dish

What to do:

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F. Chop up the sliders into 1-inch pieces and mash up the tater tots. Mix the slider pieces and mashed tots together in the casserole dish and then pour in the cans of chicken noodle soup. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

4. Simple Vegetarian Stuffing

You can’t mess with a classic, but you can liven it up a little with some vegan butter that will work for every diet. Stove Top stuffing is a perfect side for any Thanksgiving meal.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  • Follow the instructions on the stuffing mix box. Instead of using margarine, replace it with vegan butter.

5. Three-Minute Apple Pie

An apple pie made of apple pies? Genius. Finish off your solo feast with a warm dessert that requires no oven, tricky measurements, or countertop covered in flour.

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  • Cut the apple pies into triangles and arrange them into a circle on a dish. Scoop the McFlurry onto the apple pies. Enjoy!

To ganja-up your solo Thanksgiving celebration, sprinkle in some hits of one of our favorite holiday strains. Happy “cooking”!

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