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Laid-Back Ways to Celebrate 4/20 in a Pandemic Round 2

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

April 20, 2021 10:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Laid-Back Ways to Celebrate 4/20 in a Pandemic Round 2

Four Twenty or 420, as it’s dubbed, is a day that is celebrated throughout the cannabis community around the world. This special day comes only once a year. 420 also comes twice a day, once at 4:20 am and again at 4:20 pm, which is generally celebrated much like the day 4/20 is, and that is with weed glorious weed! Some have even rumored to have discovered a third 420 at 840, which is a combination of 420 twice, but that is a whole other story. The term 420 was said to be used by the 420 Waldos that would meet at this time in front of a statue to go hunting for a legendary crop of cannabis. There are some other stories about how the term 420 came to be that you might find fun exploring while surfing the waves of the information highway this 420.

Regardless of who started it and where it came from, 420 is here again. Last year, 420 was supposed to be epic. After all, it was 4/20 all April long. However, COVID-19 had different plans. Those plans involved business closures, the canceling of events, social distancing, and sheltering in place. This made it exceedingly difficult to participate in any of the normal activities celebrated by the cannabis community on 420. Not everyone was affected by this, though. There are many people who just generally enjoy consuming cannabis whether it’s by smoking, munching edibles, gobbling globs of oil, and pretty much devour cannabis in any way possible all day, every day. For them, 4/20 is just another day. Many of these individuals don’t really mind social distancing as they keep a small circle for the most part anyway.

Celebrate 4/20 Events Online

I personally love to do it all. Events are fun, but it’s not the end of the world to me that they’re not having them or they’re not as frequent. If you aren’t like me though and crave social interaction, you are still in luck. Might I invite you to participate in one of the many online events this year? That’s right! A lot of events are taking place virtually! This means you and a group of buds can sit around in the comfort of your living room blazing on something unique while taking in the sights and sounds of various 420 events online. Here are a few of the online 4/20 events you can check out from the comfort of your own home this year!

  • The 4/20 420 Comedy Extravaganja – An online cannabis-centric comedy show featuring Ngaio Bealum, Brian Posehn, Maggie Maye, Serena Gamboa, Wendy Lewis, and Cory Showtime Robinson. Livestream via Zoom.
  • SPLIFFFilm Festival – Featuring on-demand short witty cannabis films sure to make you laugh! Tickets include access to live virtual sesh on 4/20!
  • Join Rock da’ Houze for the 420 PUFF PUFF PASS – ONLINE ZOOM PARTY featuring DJ Suppa Natty and DJ Goggles. 10% of proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association!

How I Like to Celebrate 4/20 

When 420 rolls around, I personally like to have a great stash of ganja combined with an incredible selection of snacks and beverages. I love the healthy food route combined with a bit of junk food for my 420-snack selection. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like snap peas with dip plus cheese and meat trays are a great way to snack on this munchie-packed holiday. Lots of water and some of my favorite fruit juices plus a trough of coffee, and I’m set. I usually watch some kind of comedy movie that has me laughing uncontrollably. I listen to some of my favorite stoner tunes while blazing something extra tasty. No matter if it’s just the hubby and me or we have friends over, we always have a great time on 420 doing what we have all done for many years, just chilling out together.

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Step Into Virtual Reality for a Different 4/20 Event

This year, there are a few local dispensaries I plan on visiting, helping to show my support and scoop up some of their 420 deals. Beyond a bit of dispensary hopping and consuming copious amounts of cannabis on this day, the husband and I plan on partaking in a virtual reality 4/20 event. This 420, if you are looking for something to do that’s a little bit different, there is a 2 Chainz concert on Oculus Quest 2. This will be the first time we have ever tried something like this, and we are looking forward to the experience. I have to admit, at first, I was a little bit apprehensive about virtual reality. After trying the Oculus Quest 2, though, I really have to say I enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the 2 Chainz 420 VR event on Oculus.

Scoop Some Savings, Relax, Stay Safe, and Have Fun

420 is a great time to scoop up savings at local dispensaries. This is the time of year when they usually give some of their deepest discounts. Not to mention, many of them will be hosting small events showcasing local vendors. This is a great way to experience a variety of different things in your community while supporting small businesses.

Regardless of what you do this 4/20, just remember to try and have fun. Relax and celebrate your freedom to enjoy cannabis if you have it while at the same time remembering that there are still places where people go to jail over smoking a joint (Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, and others), but I’m not naming names. Well… not naming names of state representatives who support outdated draconian cannabis prohibition that is.

This 420, try and focus on having a great time! Since 4/20 last year, it’s been incredibly stressful for a lot of people everywhere. We don’t need a reason, but 420 is the perfect excuse to “inhale the good and exhale the bad.” Happy 4/20 buds and may it be a blazing and amazing day for us all!

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