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Las Vegas’ First Cannabis-Friendly Hotel Could Set a New Standard in American Hospitality

Lemetria Whitehurst

by Lemetria Whitehurst

July 19, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Las Vegas’ First Cannabis-Friendly Hotel Could Set a New Standard in American Hospitality

The emergence of cannabis-friendly hotels signifies a new wave of accommodation options that not only allow but encourage the use of cannabis within their property. In May 2022, Forbes released an article that explored the burgeoning cannabis tourism sector, now valued at $17 billion and showing no signs of slowing down. The piece spotlighted the surge in ‘Bud-and-Breakfast’ establishments, cannabis cultivation tour experiences, and accommodations that cater to smoking, marking these as key growth areas in this thriving industry.

But what exactly makes a hotel “cannabis-friendly”? In the simplest terms, these hotels provide environments where guests can consume cannabis without the usual restrictions found in traditional accommodations. However, the definition extends far beyond mere tolerance of consumption. Some hotels take it a step further by integrating cannabis into the overall guest experience. This article delves into the evolution of this trend, shedding light on the potential it holds for the industry, and focusing specifically on how Las Vegas is pioneering this innovative approach.

The Lexi Offers Luxury, Cannabis-Inclusive Stays

Elevations Hotels and Resorts is set to redefine Las Vegas’ hospitality scene with The Lexi, a transformation of the 64-room Artisan Hotel into the city’s first cannabis-friendly resort. The hotel, which recently underwent extensive renovations and opened on June 2, offers all-new rooms and suites, including a dedicated fourth floor with advanced RestorAir filtration systems for cannabis enthusiasts. The revamped lobby aims to be a prime spot for socializing, featuring live music, a water feature, a walk-up cafe, and late-night snacks. 


The Lexi will also place emphasis on its culinary offerings, showcasing a Cajun-inspired steakhouse led by Hell’s Kitchen season 19 contestant Chef Jordan Savell and a renovated Artisan Bar & Lounge. Guests can look forward to a refreshed Lexi Pool, offering European-style pool parties in the spring/summer seasons.

Source: Tripadvisor

The CEO of Elevations Hotels and Resorts, Alex Rizk, emphasized the commitment to making cannabis mainstream in hospitality and delivering a fresh experience in Vegas through unique membership clubs and partnerships within the local community.

According to Rizk, “The Lexi allows the Elevations Hotels and Resorts brand to truly showcase our commitment to creating a new type of hotel concept that is defined not only by our acceptance and normalization of cannabis in the hospitality space but also by our dedication to reclaim storied properties and transform them for the modern-day travelers.” And to add icing to the cake, The Lexi is conveniently nestled in Las Vegas’ vibrant Arts District and surrounded by a multitude of swanky local amenities.

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Interested in Booking Cannabis-Friendly Lodging? Know Where to Look

As societal perspectives evolve and the legalization of cannabis spreads across different states, savvy businesses are swiftly adapting to tap into this rapidly growing market. According to the international online directory for cannabis-friendly lodging, Bud and Breakfast, these new-aged accommodation options are not just establishments tolerating the use of cannabis within their premises but are actively embracing it, offering unique experiences tailored to the preferences of the modern, progressive traveler.

The unique properties can be divided into different categories based on the level of services offered. You can rent a single room or an entire property like those offered on Airbnb or other websites. There are hotels that merely allow consumption in specific areas, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay without worrying about violating any rules. 

Then there are others that offer an elevated experience by providing a ‘cannabis concierge’ service. These concierges are knowledgeable about the different strains of cannabis, consumption methods, and local laws, and they can provide advice tailored to the guest’s experience level and preferences. Some even coordinate cannabis-centric activities, such as cooking classes, yoga sessions, and tours to local dispensaries or growing facilities. As such, the term “cannabis-friendly” is much more multifaceted than it might initially appear, providing a range of offerings that prioritize the preferences and comfort of cannabis-consuming guests.

The Future of This Booming Industry

Looking ahead, the future of the cannabis-friendly hotel industry seems poised for significant growth. As the legalization of cannabis continues to extend to more states, the demand for such accommodations is expected to rise in parallel. Progressive cities known for embracing trends early are likely to follow in the footsteps of Las Vegas. States like Colorado, California, and Washington, where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use for several years, could become hubs for this hospitality trend, given their established cannabis culture. 

In addition, as society becomes more accustomed to the normalization of cannabis and the stigma lessens, even traditionally conservative regions may start to see the potential economic benefits and jump on board.

Furthermore, as more innovative offerings, like cannabis concierge services, become standardized in the industry, we could see an increasing sophistication and diversification of services provided by cannabis-friendly hotels. In summary, while still in its early stages, the trend of cannabis-friendly hotels is on the brink of a potential boom, with room for expansion and innovation that could redefine the landscape of the hospitality industry.

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