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LGBTQIA+ Cannabis Companies to Support Worldwide

August 28, 2022 08:00 am ET
LGBTQIA+ Cannabis Companies to Support Worldwide

The cannabis and LGBTQIA+ communities have long been comrades in the fight for their rights. Marginalized and stigmatized, both cultures spent decades dismantling dated stereotypes in their quest for legal protections.

The causes became intertwined throughout the 1980s as the horrific and rapidly expanding AIDS epidemic had patients gravitating toward cannabis to treat symptoms and side effects. Today, the majority of state medical cannabis programs include HIV and AIDS as qualifying diagnoses that permit patients to legally purchase cannabis.

During the turbulent period of the AIDS pandemic, advocates such as Dennis Peron put their own well-being at risk to provide cannabis to HIV and AIDS patients experiencing neuropathic pain, headaches, muscle soreness, loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression. Peron’s now-infamous tale began after being arrested for the presence of a large amount of cannabis in his personal residence. At trial, Peron’s romantic partner, Jonathan West, confessed that the cannabis was his own. Two weeks later, West died of AIDS-related complications.

West’s passing sparked a fire in Peron, who went on to organize grassroots initiatives that successfully changed California law so that he could create his own Cannabis Buyers’ Club, in which he was permitted to provide patients with medications not yet approved by the FDA.

7 Cutting Edge LGBTQIA+ Cannabis Brands to Support

It’s important to celebrate these historic partners in crime whose actions allow us to enjoy our LGBTQIA+ and cannabis-consuming lifestyles today. The best way to continue to support their efforts is to shop from LGBTQIA+ cannabis brands. Let’s explore some of the hottest ones around.

1. Creatives & Cannabis Podcast

Jordan and Jamel chat about all things cannabis with a variety of fascinating guests. Guests come from all around the world and include cannabis chefs, industry-leading business owners, event coordinators, agronomists, artists, and even HBO’s High Maintenance cast members! The list of incredible guests is endless. You can find the Creatives & Cannabis Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.

2. Blunt Skincare

Owner and CEO Stas Chirkov pivoted his 10 years of beauty industry experience into scientifically researching and testing applications for cannabis extracts in skincare products. Using 100% vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients, the brand’s now-signature formulas improve the skin’s ability to fight inflammation and free radicals with phytocannabinoids.

3. Cushy Cones Rolling Papers

This Miami-based rolling paper company embraces “the power of pretty” with bold, eye-catching prints. Their 100% all-natural product lineup is made of either rice or hemp paper, and all coloring is made exclusively of edible, plant-based, and flavorless soy oils for guilt-free consumption.

4. Green Box

Based out of Portland, Green Box delivery service brings custom-curated cannabis bundles right to your doorstep. Shoppers can take a quiz to tailor the types of products they receive, or they can let the experts surprise them with Oregon’s best flower, edibles, beverages, vape pens, extracts, topicals “and everything in between.”

5. Black Cannabis Magazine

Black Cannabis Magazine is dedicated to empowering people of color with information about the regulated cannabis industry so that they can apply that information to build generational wealth. Fans of the magazine may also want to support Cannabis for Black Lives, which recently raised funds and awareness for Detroit’s Copper House (a BIPOC, LGBTQIA-owned “home away from home” for cannabis education, activism, and community).

6. Terpene Journey

Founders (and partners) Tom Bogacz and Justin Eppley were one of few LGBTQIA+ applicants in Massachusetts’ competitive cannabis licensing process. The pair successfully launched their first cannabis retail store, Terpene Journey, in August 2021. The Rainbow Times closely followed their arduous journey alongside two additional LGBTQIA+ applicants: New England Craft Cultivators and Alchemy League.

7. Farbod Ceramics

Handmade in the Netherlands, ceramic art company Farbod creates some of the world’s most inspired pipes. These are not the kinds of pieces you want to hide out of sight but rather masterpieces you’ll want to keep front and center for your friends to see and enjoy. Farbod Ceramics also identifies as a disability-owned ancillary cannabis business.

That’s the lineup! If you are looking to stay up to date on LGBTQIA+ cannabis and cannabis-related brands to support, Cannaclusive’s “Inclusivebase” is a useful tool. This one-of-a-kind digital database allows business owners to self-identify as owned by LGBTQIA+, womxn, black, indigenous, disabled, Latinx, Asian, veteran, and/or Middle Eastern.

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