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Mike Tyson is Bringing Innovation to the Cannabis Beverage Market

August 7, 2020 12:28 pm ET
Mike Tyson is Bringing Innovation to the Cannabis Beverage Market

Iron Mike Tyson is at it again. We all know he’s been at it in the gym training for what has now been confirmed as a few rounds in the ring with Roy Jones Jr. This time, however, he’s delivering a knockout punch in the form of a new cannabis product. Mike Tyson will soon offer printed cannabis products such as cannabis beverages and more. Yes, you read that right, it did say printed. 

More About Mike Tyson’s Latest Offerings

Mike Tyson’s Ranch and company has been in the press for cannabis tourism, but recent headlines show that the company has also acquired the necessary global license to print cannabis products. They have teamed up with Smart Cups to offer the world’s first printed cannabis beverage. This new technology sounds like something straight out of Star Trek when they ask the ship to print them food or beverages. 

How Does the Process Work?

The process will be done by removing the liquid from  beverages, instead printing flavor ingredients derived from natural products on to substrate surfaces. The liquid could be added at the point-of-sale, helping reduce transportation costs and provide a cleaner carbon footprint. 

This technology is made possible using micro-encapsulation printing. Plant-based products are printed onto a substrate that is embedded into bioplastic cups. Chris Connect, the CEO and Founder of Smart Cups, was quoted in Forbes, saying that “In this specific application, we use water-soluble cannabinoids and are able to precisely print them on virtually any surface. The printed active’s and flavors are released when they come in contact with a liquid (i.e. water, soda, or saliva).”

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This fascinating new form of cannabis has endless possibilities offering consumers precise amounts of cannabis in amazing new products. Mike Tyson called this new technology “incredible,” saying the acquisition of this technology “will be a game-changer in the cannabis marketplace.” 

The CEO of Smart Cups compared the lack of consistency in cannabis’s strength, saying, “it should be more like consuming a hundred mg of aspirin where a person knows they are getting 100 mg of aspirin.” The world around us is changing quickly. Cannabis legalization is ushering in new science, helping to understand this widely misunderstood plant.

Back Then We Didn’t Think it Was Possible

A few decades ago, Cheech and Chong made a movie where cannabis was smuggled into the United States in the form of television sets and even vehicles. The entire television and entire car were made out of cannabis. That seemed funny and far-fetched at the time. Who would have ever imagined we would one day live in a society where virtually anything could be made from weed, even our beverage cups and the beverages in them.

It is innovative products such as this that will continue to allow the burgeoning cannabis industry to thrive globally. Products such as these also add to the industry’s commitment to lessening our negative impact on the environment. As more products and innovations such as this enter the market, we can only expect to see more incredible things from this absolutely miraculous plant. 

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