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Researchers at People Science Explore the Effects of Cannabinoids on Sleep

Bethan Rose

by Bethan Rose

February 28, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Researchers at People Science Explore the Effects of Cannabinoids on Sleep

Technology-enabled clinical research company People Science is carrying out a study into the effects of cannabinoids on sleep behavior. Specifically, the study will explore cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN)—two of hundreds of cannabis compounds that have been identified so far.

Study subjects were invited to participate in People Science’s cannabis sleep study from home. The study required two essential tools: a wearable tech device that monitors sleep and a smartphone device. Chosen subjects received compensation for their time as well as free cannabis products.

Registration for the study closed in November, and the results are yet to be announced. If the results of previous studies are anything to go by, the cannabis plant will likely claim extra attention for its calming and relaxing effects.

For example, a placebo-controlled study that was conducted in Australia on adults with insomnia revealed that medicinal cannabis oil improved sleep time compared to a group that was administered with a placebo. The oil contained 10 mg/ml tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 15 mg/ml cannabidiol (CBD). It was consumed over a two-week period.

An interesting takeaway from the Australian study was that levels of melatonin, a hormone produced by the brain to regulate the internal clock and sleep, appeared to rise in the oil-consuming group. The findings were featured in the Journal of Sleep Research.

Cannabis Sleep Study Extended Over 3 Weeks

Researchers from People Science invited people to sign up, see if they qualified, and use a smartphone and wearable tech device that tracks sleep (similar to an Apple Watch and Fitbit). The company connects doctors, scientists, and patients through CHLOE (the Consumer Health Learning and Organizing Ecosystem), a modular software technology that merges a consumer-facing mobile app with a high-quality clinical research platform.

People Science’s research team recruited a minimum of 44 people in the U.S. aged 21 and over for the cannabis sleep study. The product being tested contained CBD and CBN but no THC, meaning it can legally be shipped almost anywhere in the U.S. Participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire to determine their suitability for the study. Their aim is to expand upon the existing body of scientific research on cannabis. 

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This isn’t the first time People Science has explored the realm of cannabis and sleep. A 2021 study investigated how THC and CBD (in the form of edibles) influenced a consumer’s sleep cycle. Separate research published by Current Psychiatry Reports confirmed that THC decreased sleep latency but could impair sleep quality long-term. 

People Science Raises $5.3M for Psychedelics and Cannabis Research

Before January came to an end, People Science officials announced that they had raised $5.3 million in a second seed round, which was piloted by Acre Venture Partners. Bluestein Ventures, THIA Ventures, and FORM Life Ventures also participated in the seed round.

Lucas Mann, co-founder, managing partner, and board member of Acre Ventures, says his research fund invests in companies that are revolutionizing the way food and agriculture are used to amplify human health. “We think this platform has the potential to be transformational in unlocking robust evidence and data-based claims that are often lacking in the ‘food as medicine’ space – and such claims have the power to not only propel consumer products forward but also the adoption of more food-driven practices by the medical community,” Mann told reporters.

The company is now sitting on $8.5 million of seed funding. With the additional $5.3 million, People Science plans to invest in ongoing R&D on cannabis, cannabinoids, the microbiome, psychedelics, and digital health interventions. Funding will also be used to amplify scientific research opportunities into nutrition and food as medicines.

About People Science

People Science prides itself on being a technology-enabled clinical research company that is pioneering cannabis, psychedelic, and alternative medicine research. Through the use of a smartphone app and wearable tech, the company is paving the way for data collection focused on the use of cannabis for life improvement. 

Rather than limiting their research to laboratory settings, People Science is passionate about bringing data into the real world. Anyone interested in trying out the CHLOE platform can sign up online. The app is expected to be rolled out on Android and iOs devices this year.

You can learn more about the company by visiting the website at:

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Caroline says:

March 3, 2023 at 3:02 pm

I use my card for marijuana that help me sleep. I have chronic insomnia, I totally stop taking all sleeping medication (chemicals) that was prescribed and only use the medicinal marijuana. It works 100x better then the drugs I use to use, plus no hangover feeling I use to get in the morning. I’m so grateful.


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