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Exploring CBN, The Sleepy Cannabinoid

April 15, 2020 01:58 pm ET

Those familiar with cannabis are probably already acquainted with the plant’s two most commonly known cannabinoids. The first, THC, is the psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant. If you use cannabis, either medically or recreationally, with the intent of gaining a high, you’re relying on THC to provide it. CBD is another compound that occurs naturally in both the hemp and marijuana plants. Like THC, it can be used medically to curb pain or anxiety. It can also be used in conjunction with THC to alleviate the paranoia that can sometimes come along with a high. But while these two cannabinoids are the best known, the cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids that impact the body in a variety of different ways. Of these lesser-known cannabinoids, one that has remarkable effects is Cannabinol, or CBN.

What Is Cannabinol?

CBN starts its life as THCA. When exposed to air and light, THCA will eventually undergo an oxidization process that converts it into CBN. The science of this conversion is complicated, but any layperson can encourage it by allowing their products to age. Think of the process as similar to the way metals will rust over time when exposed to the elements. Unlike rust, however, CBN doesn’t just represent the destruction of THCA. It has good qualities of its own that may make it desirable for users.

But it’s important for you to keep in mind what you hope to get from your cannabis experience. For example, anyone who is looking for a high will be disappointed if they choose a CBD product without THC in it. Similar considerations must be made with CBN. The effect it has on the user is going to be different from the effects THC, or even CBD would have. So before you oxidize your THC, decide whether CBN is something you want.

The Effects of CBN

Perhaps the first question that some will be asking is this—will CBN get me high?

If a high is your goal, THC is the best vehicle to get you there. While CBN does retain some of the intoxicating properties that it had in its first life, as THCA, they are greatly diminished. In fact, you may not even notice that the compound has any effects at all—they may be too mild to discern. This is an effect you might have already noticed for yourself if you’ve ever allowed a cannabis product to go slightly stale before use. The potency will diminish gradually. That’s why your herb is best when it’s freshest.

What CBN does have, though, is a powerful sedative effect. This has given CBN a reputation for being less desirable than THC or CBD, and of course, for many people that’s true. But it also opens a door to an interesting use for the compound. Those suffering from insomnia, or from any other kind of sleeplessness, may find that CBN is the perfect tool to send them off to sleep on command. While CBN notably causes drowsiness, it also has anticonvulsant effects and can help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Should I Try CBN?

Like any other cannabinoid, CBN can certainly be useful. If you’ve had trouble sleeping, it could be a game-changer for you, and it’s probably worth giving it a try. But, also like any other cannabinoid, it’s worth considering what you want it to do for you before you try it. If you’re hoping for a fun social time with friends or for the ability to focus intensively on a project, CBN is probably not the answer. However, if you need help getting to sleep, CBN just might do the trick!

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