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The Top 5 Best CBD Hair Care Products for Growth and Health

Milan Khali

by Milan Khali

March 7, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
The Top 5 Best CBD Hair Care Products for Growth and Health

In the television show Fleabag, a character proclaims, “Hair is everything.” And while we’re certainly a lot more than our hair, it can definitely feel like everything. Having a fantastic hair day can put a significant pep in your step, and while styling can go far, great hair starts with great products that promote follicle and scalp health. 

Within the massive arena of hair care products, one ingredient has been explored more and more in recent years with very promising results: CBD. 

The potential benefits of CBD as a topical product are numerous, including anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, and healing effects. It is no surprise, then, that specially formulated CBD hair products can also have positive effects on the scalp and hair.  

In fact, A 2023 study published in the International Journal of Trichology found that topical CBD can be extremely effective in promoting hair growth. Luke Smith explains, “A 2021 case study of CBD-rich hemp extract revealed 93.5% average increase in hair regrowth. Hemp extract works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body and has novel effects on hair follicle elongation and hair matrix keratinocytes activated through ECS receptors in the hair follicle cells.”

With results like that, we’re eager to try it out for ourselves. These are five of the best-rated CBD hair care products on the market today: 

The 5 Highest-Rated CBD Hair Care Products in 2024

1. Vegamour


Vegamour is a haircare brand known for its science-based approach, and its CBD line GRO+ Advanced is no different. Although they have shampoo and conditioner, Vegamour is probably best known for their hair serums. 

The GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum “uses broad-spectrum hemp CBD and plant-based phytoactives to help calm stressed out scalps and increase the appearance of hair density and thickness.” That makes this a perfect product for those dealing with stress-related hair thinning. 

With over 1,900 reviews and an average 4.5-star rating, the product has quite a fanbase. But a picture speaks a thousand words, and luckily, Prose showcases lots of before and after pictures on the product page so you can see just how well it could work for you.  

2. Hempz

As the name implies, Hempz is a hair and body care company entirely focused on using hemp in their products. 

And while not every form of hemp contains CBD, they have a CBD hair care line, with each product listing exactly how much CBD it contains. The CBD Royal Treatment Ultra-Hydrating Herbal Scalp Serum, for example, is infused with 45 MG of CBD, and it helps soothe an itchy and irritated scalp.

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3. Prose


Prose is a hair care line best known for their customization. Visit their site, and you’ll be directed to a virtual quiz assessing your hair needs and goals. From your answers, Prose will create a product specifically formulated for your hair, with various key ingredients addressing different needs and concerns. 

One of these ingredients is CBD powder, which they describe as a “scalp soother.” They explain more fully in the ingredient glossary that CBD can reduce inflammation and itch, as well as reduce oil production. 

At Prose, you can find shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, scalp masks, styling gels, and more, all customized just for you. 

4. Leaf and Flower 

There are even CBD hair care products made specifically for curls! Leaf and Flower’s CBD Curl Collection includes shampoo, conditioner, and curl cream, all formulated specifically for curly hair. The products help to support general hair health and repair as well as healthy curl formation. 

The shampoo and conditioner bundle contain special CBD complexes, which “nourish the hair from the inside out. This structural reinforcement minimizes breakage, prevents frizz, and replenishes the hydrolipidic film within curl bonds for improved shape, bounce, and long-lasting hydration without weight.”

Don’t have curly hair? You can still try out Leaf and Flower! They also have an Instant Volume line and an Instant Damage Correction line. 

5. R + Co


Looking to treat yourself with a more luxury product? R + Co’s Super Garden CBD hair care line is calling. With shampoo, conditioner, and a hair and scalp treatment, the collection is relatively small, but each product is thoughtfully formulated and highly rated. 

Overall, the line is focused on hydration and scalp health, and the Soothing Hair and Scalp Treatment might be their most unique product. With both CBD and CBG (another cannabinoid), the hair treatment is designed to promote healthy hair and scalp, as well as a balanced scalp microbiome. 

More to Explore

Did we mention your favorite? With documented research into the benefits of CBD for hair just beginning, we have a feeling that there will be even more innovative products coming our way soon.  Comment down below to share your favorite CBD hair care products. 

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