These Cannabis-Themed Apps Will Help Pass Lockdown Boredom

May 15, 2020 10:40 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
These Cannabis-Themed Apps Will Help Pass Lockdown Boredom

From waking us up and keeping us connected to family, friends, and loved ones, reminding us what day it is and helping us stay connected and organized our phones can help us do many things. Did you know though that there are various cannabis-related apps ranging from innovative games to personalized journals to help you keep track of your consumption? Or apps that can help you find your favorite cannabis strain or product and tell you right where to get it? Or ones that can even help you order it and have it delivered to your door? When it comes to the world of cannabis and digital apps, it seems there is something for everyone and everything. Let’s look at some of the must-have cannabis apps available for your smartphone. 

Strainprint Your Personal Cannabis Tracking App

Whether you are a new cannabis consumer, medical cannabis patient, or have been consuming for decades, there are ways in which you can benefit from keeping a journal of your cannabis consumption. An innovative company by the name of Strainprint Technologies has developed an intuitive app known as StrainPrint that helps you keep track of your cannabis consumption in a manner that offers personalized, tailored suggestions based on what works for you. Strainprint is packed full of many features as well as a loyalty point program that allows you to earn discounts and swag for utilizing the app. Check out StrainPrint and download it on your smartphone today from the Apple and Google Play stores.

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High There – Taking the Community Digital

Throughout the history of cannabis, the culture surrounding it has been a very social one. Long before the cannabis industry came to be, there was a thriving culture and community of individuals who kept this plant alive and shared it with their fellow humans from all walks of life around the world. Today thanks to the benefits of technology, staying connected with like-minded individuals on the other side of the globe is easier than ever before. This is something that the app known as High There has founded its mission on. High There is described as a social network, directory, and community bazaar for cannabis enthusiasts. This app allows you to connect with other cannabis consumers and patients from around the world as well as read education and news surrounding the plant that brings us all together. Check out High There today on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Build Your Hempire

Have you always wanted how to grow your own cannabis and rule the market in your area? Have you ever wanted to own a dispensary that catered to the needs of consumers and build it from the ground up? Scared to do this because of legalities in your area or simply don’t have the money? No worries; just take your dreams digital by downloading the Hempire app today. Hempire is one of the most widely loved cannabis-related games available on smart devices today. Hempire allows you to make partnerships, customize your city, upgrade your buildings, all while building an enterprise, and becoming a Hemperor in this dope app.

Depending on where you live, there are also apps like Eaze, Muncheez, Leafly, Weedmaps, and others that can help you locate, order, and even have your favorite products delivered to your home! Check out your favorite app store today for a plethora of cannabis apps at your fingertips!

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