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What We Could All Learn From The Cannabis Community Right Now

Ashley Priest

by Ashley Priest

May 6, 2020 09:59 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
What We Could All Learn From The Cannabis Community Right Now

Let’s face it! We are living in some crazy times. If you were to ask anyone just a few months ago if they thought they would be living in a society today where cannabis businesses were deemed essential and aside from the grocery store would be one of the only places that we can visit many would have thought you were crazy. However, the truth is here we are. Welcome to 2020! Millions of people are without a job and being forced to shelter in place, for many only essential businesses are open such as grocery stores, gas stations, medical facilities, and cannabis dispensaries. While these are scary times for many, it could be paving an unprecedented path for cannabis legalization. In the short-term, however, there are many things the world and society as a whole could learn from the cannabis community during these times.

Nature Provides

While some can go to the grocery store and find an abundance of vegetables and fruits, for others, the shelves are quite bare.  During these times, it is essential to remember that nature provides. While many in the cannabis community enjoy cultivating their own cannabis, many of them have also worked diligently to become self-sustainable through gardening. Whether it is vegetables and fruits for consumption, herbs for seasoning, or their healing properties when you take life back to the bare necessities, it seems nature provides everything we need if we just learn to utilize it.

We Are All in This Together

Despite our race, religion, political standing, or sexual preference, there is one thing that the cannabis community knows firsthand, and that is that we are all in this together. For thousands of years, cannabis has been utilized by people of all walks of life, and their shared passion for bringing and providing this plant to the masses is not discriminatory in any means. This is something that we have seen firsthand during the coronavirus crisis, and that is it does not discriminate. It does not matter if you are a politician, a famed musician, a beloved athlete, a small child, or an individual that has lived a very long life; this virus is affecting people of all races, religions, and ages. It’s time that we come together as humans and set aside our differences for the greater good!

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Community Matters

The cannabis community has long relied upon like-minded individuals to keep this plant and culture alive. They know that while small battles can be won individually when it comes to winning the war, whether it is against a virus or against prohibition, having others standing by your side will help you prevail in the end. During these times, and always, try your best to help take care of others. Whether you can provide meals to kids out of school or simply a listening ear to a single mother doing her best to get by, I guarantee you, you have something to offer your neighbors if you just reach out and ask!

Laughter Truly Is One of The Best Medicines

When all else fails, smoke a joint and try to find some laughter in the situation. This has been the motto of many cannabis consumers facing various trials and tribulations throughout their lives. While some may not think that others are taking this crisis seriously for some laughing our way through it and trying to find a little comedy at every turn is not our way of downgrading its severity but rather our way of dealing with stressful situations. So, while we may all want to ball up in a blanket, binge eat ice cream and watch questionable series on Netflix… sometimes the best thing we can do is try to have a good laugh and simply enjoy the moment!

How are you surviving quarantine? Are there other things you think the world could learn from the cannabis community to help us survive these times? If so, keep the conversation going in the comments below or by sharing this article on your favorite social media platform!

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Tyler says:

May 8, 2020 at 1:21 pm

I really like this article, considering I was essentially locked in my room for the past month after ending a relationship; sometimes you just need take a hit, sit back, and laugh at the whole thing 😂


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