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Vegan Edibles: 5 Brands That Offer Delicious Plant-Based Edibles

Sheldon Sommer

by Sheldon Sommer

September 5, 2023 12:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 7 Minutes
Vegan Edibles: 5 Brands That Offer Delicious Plant-Based Edibles

Cannabis products like flower and oils can be easily worked into vegan or plant-based lifestyles, but vegan edibles are far harder to come by. Products containing honey, dairy, or eggs are not vegan, eliminating numerous chocolates and baked goods from the menu. Many gummies contain gelatin, which is derived from animal by-products.

The variety of goods for the vegan looking into edible cannabis products is restricted, but the industry nevertheless has plenty of options suitable for the plant-based customer. Featuring a variety of products, from seltzers and gummies to tablets and cayenne-peppered chocolate bars, this list spotlights some of the outstanding vegan edible offerings available on the current market. Whether you are vegan, interested in reducing your use of animal products, or just looking to try something different, here are some recommendations for exceptional plant-based edible products.

5 Vegan Edibles Brands To Consider:


Hailing from Georgetown, Massachusetts, LEVIA offers a line of cannabis-infused seltzers and tinctures crafted using locally sourced plants and all-natural, vegan ingredients. The brand features three primary flavors and exclusive seasonal blends that deliver deliciousness at zero calories and zero sugar. The standard flavors are raspberry lime (sativa), lemon lime (hybrid), and jam berry (indica), with limited edition seasonal flavors providing more adventurous offerings like blueberry cobbler, pomegranate punch, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry creamsicle, peach tea, and key lime pie.

Each 12-ounce can is infused with 5mg of cannabis engineered to produce rapid and predictable onset of effects, typically beginning within 15-20 minutes, unlike many other edibles that take between 45 minutes to 2 hours to set in. On top of boasting natural local ingredients, zero calories, and zero sugar, the seltzers have also been confirmed vegan and kosher by LEVIA co-founder Kristin Rogers. There is way too much to love about these seltzers, and whether you try one of the classic flavors or a more audacious seasonal flavor, the experience will certainly be a delicious and delightful one.


For the connoisseur of strains, Kiva’s Lost Farm fruit chews offer an entirely different way to experience the cannabis plant’s genetic diversity. The line of line of individually-wrapped, 10mg live-resin-infused candies allows the selective consumer to enjoy a fruit-flavored treat infused with a particular strain of cannabis. With options like Blue Dream, Lava Cake, Gelato, Northern Lights, and numerous others, it is difficult to choose whether to select a comfortable favorite or seek out a new experience with Lost Farm. Each strain is paired with an inspired flavor designed to complement the flavors and energy evoked by the individual breed.

To further harness the complexity of the various strains’ effects, the edibles are infused with live resin, a product made by flash-freezing fresh cannabis flowers to preserve terpene profiles. This meticulous processing results in a product that delivers potent cannabis experiences with a strain-specific feel. With delicious flavors, diligent attention to detail, and potent results, Lost Farm has set a new standard for excellent cannabis edibles. The brand also has a line of strain-specific, live-resin-infused plant-based gummies for those who crave even more variety.


Featuring a variety of 15 yummy plant-based gummy options, it seems reasonable to assume that for any mood, taste, or preference, there is some suitable Plus edible to satisfy. The brand’s array of products offers a broad range of flavors, doses, terpene profiles, specific strains, cannabinoid ratios, and extracts. The classic Plus gummy contains 5mg of THC per piece and comes in flavors like blackberry lemonade, sour watermelon, and clementine.

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For the more nuanced consumer, Plus’ Plus+ line of edibles features a selection of blends combining THC and CBD, and the Plus Sleep collection provides relief with its blends of THC, CBD, and CBN. There is also the option to go solventless with Plus’ strain-specific gummies that come in higher doses of 10mg THC and contain solventless hash infusions produced using a cold-water extraction method that results in product yielding potent, full flower effects. Along with a plant-based recipe, the gummies are also kosher and gluten-free, further confirming that this prolific brand has something to offer just about everybody for just about any occasion.

Coda Signature

This unique luxury chocolate bar is a spicy and adventurous confection for the intrepid. Infused with blood orange, cayenne pepper, and toasted sugar crystals, Coda Signature’s Fire & Orange dark chocolate bar is a daring, yet inviting option for vegans looking into cannabis edibles that offer more excitement than the standard plain chocolate bar. Founded in 2015, Coda Signature was started by an eclectic team of individuals whose experiences range from organic chemistry and classical French confectionery to industrial design and entrepreneurship. Using technological innovation in tandem with confectionary artistry, the brand crafts high-end products using quality ingredients, with ethically sourced South American cacao at the base of every chocolate bar.

The Fire & Orange dark chocolate bar contains 100mg of THC and features the floral and tart notes of blood orange alongside bitter burnt sugar crystals enveloped in luxurious dark chocolate that is flavorfully warmed by a spicy cayenne finish. For the vegan seeking an edible that exceeds expectations, Coda Signature has crafted a suitably bold confection that beckons the audacious.


A line in the film Mean Girls where a student asks about “marijuana tablets” used to elicit joking and laughter between me and my friends—the concept seemed ridiculous at the time. Now, marijuana tablets are a reality, with innovators and manufacturers currently offering increasingly many options as cannabis pills rise in popularity.

1906 Drops come in a selection of six different formulations, each designed to produce a specific desired effect. Most formulations have 5mg of THC per tablet; plus, the pills contain varying blends of THC, CBD, and synergistic adaptogens (medicinal herbs). Specially engineered to take effect in 20 minutes or less and thoughtfully crafted using formulas that incorporate effect-enhancing medicinal herbs, like theobromine, magnolia, Kanna, Rhodiola, and caffeine, the product acts quickly to induce a highly-targeted and effective cannabis experience.

The precision with which the pills’ unique complex combinations of herbs and cannabis extracts have been formulated are merged with elegantly designed, sleek, discreet, and sustainable packaging, making this rare brand stand out among not just cannabis pill products but edible products in general. 1906’s drops have introduced the industry to a whole new kind of cannabis experience, which practically demands to be explored in the emerging age of “marijuana tablets.”

Key Takeaway

These five vegan edible products are not only palate-satisfying and effective, but they also offer something unique to the cannabis consumer. With assets such as rapid onset, product variety, extract potency, novel ingredients, and, of course, vegan recipes, these edible brands stand out from the rest. Opting for vegan alternatives doesn’t have to mean compromising quality, and this is especially true when it comes to cannabis products. Even if you aren’t a dedicated vegan, you may want to consider trying interesting plant-based edibles at your local dispensary. The unnecessary continued use of animal-based products engenders enormous suffering, public health risks, and environmental destruction.

Our individual actions may be small, but our collective commitment to caring for the planet and reducing animal exploitation has the potential to aggregate into larger movements and statements that ultimately motivate systemic change. You don’t need to be vegan to help save the earth: merely making a habit of reducing animal consumption is a helpful and simple way everyone can contribute to taking care of the planet, as well as the other human and non-human creatures who share it with us.

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