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Weekly Cannabis Roundup August 27


by Lo

August 27, 2021 08:30 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes

A senate committee came to an agreement on an amendment that would allow veterans access to medical cannabis. A Colorado county is able to provide millions in scholarships to local institutions thanks to cannabis excise tax revenue. And former NFL player Chris Hetherington launched the first orange-derived CBD oil called Peels.

Video Transcript:

The VA is one step closer to allowing cannabis access for veterans

And cannabis tax revenue yields millions in scholarships for one Colorado county

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

Veterans Might be One Step Closer to Accessing Medical Cannabis 

Earlier this month, the Senate Appropriations Committee agreed on an amendment that would allow VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis in states where it’s legal. 

It would also restrict VA officials from denying benefits to veterans who choose to participate. 

The House has approved other similar legislation in the past, however, none have ever made it into law due to political divide. 

Lawmakers have expressed concerns for doctors who could theoretically get penalized by the Justice Department since cannabis is still federally illegal. 

However, earlier this year Attorney General Merrick Garland emphasized that the Justice Department won’t be using its limited resources to enforce cannabis use in legal states. 

Given that a large number of combat veterans suffer from various conditions that stem from the line of duty and the recent events unfolding in Afghanistan that could be very triggering for them, we hope that this measure goes through. 

Pueblo County Awards Millions in Scholarships Thanks to Cannabis Sales

Next in news, 

Pueblo County in Colorado will award over $2 million in scholarships from marijuana excise sales taxes to local colleges for upcoming semesters.  

Students must be Pueblo County residents to be eligible. 

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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“As we see more and more the expansion of marijuana grows in Pueblo County, we’ll see an increase in the excise tax and hopefully be able to help more people,” Commissioner Chris Wiseman said. 

He also stated that he was “especially interested in the scholarship money being used for students who return to college later in life”.

This tax-funded scholarship program has evolved substantially since it began and is expected to continue growing. 

First CBD Product Derived From Orange Peels

And lastly, 

former NFL player Chris Hetherington launched the first orange-derived CBD oil called Peels.

A while back, we reported on a new CBD product that’s derived from orange peels where CBD is processed from orange peels rather than the cannabis plant. 

This ensures that the CBD product will have zero traces of THC, unlike the ones that are derived from hemp or cannabis.

According to Hetherington, by utilizing byproducts of the citrus industry like peels, which are typically considered as waste, CBD processed from oranges is more environmentally friendly.

He also states that the goal is to create even more access to CBD. 

Because of existing laws, many grocery stores don’t carry CBD and many don’t partake because of the slight risk of failing a drug test. 

With CBD that’s derived from oranges, more people will be able to tap into its benefits. 

Hetherington added: “We also hope that Peels can help play a role in alleviating the misconceptions around CBD and its negative association with cannabis and THC. There are still consumers who do not know the difference”.

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Thanks for watching! 

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