Who Smokes the Most Weed in the World?

April 3, 2018 08:06 pm ET
Who Smokes the Most Weed in the World?

We assumed some place like Amsterdam, where the marijuana coffee shops are famous. Or maybe Sydney where you picture a blond surfer with a big joint in their hand. Two cities in the U.S. actually consume the most weed in the world. The other three in this list probably didn’t even cross your mind, but the estimated amount of weed smoked in these places is pretty crazy.

5 – Cairo

The fifth city that smokes the most weed in the world is Cairo, Egypt. Cairo’s legislation is very strict when talking about marijuana, literally. If you think about even mentioning the drug, this may get you arrested there. In 2016 an author called Ahmed Naji was arrested and served for ten months just for mentioning hashish in his novel. However, their laws aren’t very clear about the jail time you can get, so it is basically up to the judge to decide how long will the person stay in jail. It was registered in 2017 that Cairo’s residents smoked 32.59 metric tons of marijuana.

4 – Los Angeles

Fourth on the list is a city located in our beloved California. If you think of The Golden State, you certainly will think about cannabis at some point. The state legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use, and has one of the most profitable marijuana crops in the U.S, while consuming 36.06 metic tons of the plant last year.

3 – New Delhi

Occupying the third position in the list is India’s capital, New Delhi. With almost 22 million residents, the capital hasn’t legalized cannabis, but there is the possibility to buy it from authorized dealers of the government. Despite not being legalized, cops are known for not caring too much about marijuana there, which makes it easier to spread, since people aren’t too scared of smoking out on the streets. 38.26 metric tons of cannabis was smoked in New Delhi last year.

2 – Karachi

Karachi comes in the second in the list. The city has 21.2 million residents that were responsible for smoking 41.95 metric tons of cannabis last year, even though cannabis is an illegal drug in their city. This city, along with many other South Asian cities, are known for having the cheapest marijuana on the globe, with an average price of $5.32/gram.

1 – New York

New York City is ranked as the city that smoked more marijuana than any other the world. The consumption was of 77.44 metric tons of cannabis last year, almost double of what was smoked in Karachi. New York’s medical marijuana program is known for being very restricted and patients are not allowed to smoke the flower, other ways of consumption were just recently authorized. It is also forbidden to use marijuana recreationally in the state of New York.

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